Family and Caregiver Schizophrenia Discussion Forum

Anyone else having trouble reaching this site?

I couldn’t access for some time now. I couldn’t find this forum, and I felt lost. Finally searched my history and found “family.” was the name of the forum and it came up. Even right now I can’t access the home page, medication forum, FAQs or “contact us” page.

I can access the diagnosed forum, to read it, but not to log in.

Are things working for everyone else?

Best I can tell the forum server(s) are separate from the main web server(s) for Not sure why you can’t login to the DX forum. The main site appears to be down right now. This may change.

One way to check the health of any site is to go to this link:

It appears to be hosted at Rackspace in San Antonio Texas, The forum hosting appears to be outsourced at which may be why it is still up. Email service for appears to be working, so if you have an email address for say the szadmin or anyone else at, you may still be able to contact them through this communication channel.

P.S. If anyone needs access to in the meantime, you may access it via’s “Wayback Machine”. It was last archived on August 3rd, so the site was likely up then.

Link below:

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Hi oldladyblue,

I also could not access the main website,, for several days and was feeling lost (which made me realize how much I depend on the forum!) until I figured out I could still access the forum.

I have noticed that the main website has not been updated in years. Perhaps whoever runs the site is giving up on the main site but will still allow the forums to operate?

My question would be how are new members going to find it now? I found it through the main website the first time.

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That would be feasible, but only with access to the domain. The contact information for this is anonymous. You’d have to go through the email address to contact the domain owner. The domain is registered through January 4, 2020.

Hard to tell what the issue might be, could be a server issue and powers that be might know don’t know about it. It could be an unpaid bill. Hosting companies tend to shut down servers if they aren’t paid. Seems curious that you also can’t login to the DX forum in that context. The two forums are hosted by the same provider. Hard to say, but the worst case scenario is this forum stops working too if the bill isn’t paid for them.

I’d say your best bet for ensuring continued operation would be to try to contact the domain owner via email and/or email addresses contained in the archived site linked above. If it’s a money issue, maybe a gofundme campaign might bring enough money to get things turned back on.

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Thank you for your posts @Maggotbrane . I don’t understand enough about servers and sites to comprehend everything you mentioned but I do understand why two forums are working and not the main site if they are hosted separately.

I have no one’s “real” email addresses. It is a rule of the forum is that I followed in not asking for personal contact information off of the site, but I will be sooooooo very sad if something happens to the forum. I depend on the interaction with everyone on here to help me feel better when things are getting me down, and I like to perhaps help others who need help. @LifeIsHard , I also felt lost when I couldn’t find the site.

I did notice some time ago that the main website hasn’t changed for the entire time I’ve been a member of the forum and wondered about that.

I found out that I am actually blocked from the DX forum until 3019, so that is why I can’t log in. Not sure when that happened, but probably I shouldn’t have been a member there, rather belonging on the family forum.

It was a heartbreaking several days for me each time I tried to call up the main website and it was unavailable. I depend on the forum so much, and it took me days to figure out it was but very relieved to find it working.

It isn’t a good omen if the domain is only registered until Jan 4, 2020. It means, I guess that we have until then to try and get the main schizophrenia site back up. I think that is how many members found the forum. I will try to reach the domain owner through that email address above.

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Sorry everyone - thanks for posting info on this. I was on vacation - and will get the site back up quickly. Sorry for the disruption!


No worries, domains are often set to auto-renew. It’s common for the registrar they are using.

Sorry to get overly technical, thankfully you did find my call-to-action buried within. To be honest, I didn’t want to be directly involved, because if there was an issue, I didn’t want to end up “owning” the problem.

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Glad you are back. I hope you had a nice vacation!