Does anybody feel the same way?


MY son has been in the hospital since may 5 and I feel like I can’t relax and my son is always on my mind. I try to enjoy a good movie ,gardening, clean or read and it takes my mind off my son for a little while but since he has gotten sick 3 1/2 years ago I just can’t really stop thinking about him and worrying even when he is hospitalized. Does it get any better? What helps you get through the day? I am on depression pills and I have been reading books on schizophrenia and my next step is to go to a support group and later get enough courage to go talk to a therapist.


@pattywagon1…patty, I have schizophrenia and what I advise you to do is to take a break for yourself (holiday preferably), watch a good movie, meet friends/relatives and try and relax. Have a drink (alcohol helps relax). Also I would advise you to try to take a vacation if you can. Don’t think your son needs to be monitored 24/7. He does not, trust me. Book a holiday for yourself. You’ll have something to look forward to.


Hi Patty,

We are still parents which means that even when our children are not at home we still think/worry about them. Add mental illness and it gets more complicated.

I myself tend to be what I call a worry-wort. I worry about everything that can go wrong, just in case… I’m trying to get better about it because even though I think it’s a good thing to try and be prepared for things, that over worrying just doesn’t do any good except to stress me out.

Do you not feel like he is in a safe place?

Maybe talking to a therapist is what is needed to get all this off of yourself. To know that it is ok to relax and let your guard down for a bit. You are still being a good mom when you invest in yourself. Maybe depression is playing a big role in your inability to relax.


Hi Patty.
I was just thinking to myself last night if I would ever get rid of the “ache” that I have for my son. I have struggled with this for 20 years! I will say that the feeling goes into hiding-sometimes for longer periods-usually when he is doing well. Even then, I can still fall into an abyss of worry and pain for him. If I could afford it, I would certaintly get more therapy for myself. Sometimes, I just have to think that he is not suffering as much as I think.
Sorry, this is probably not the best answer—I really struggle with this myself.


I understand your concern to your son. I have lived with schizophrenia for 34 years. What you need to understand is that your son is like everyone else. He will have his good days and his bad days. Your worring will not change that.

I would recommend that you encourage your son to retire and meditate to mental health. Hopefully, some of my articles at will give food for thought. A combination of the right medication and the practice of meditation are the most potent cures for schizophrenia.


Thank you Karl I really feel like I need a vacation and my husband gets 4 days off so maybe we will take off for a few days and just have fun…Great idea! thank you


Hi Barbie ,
Yes ,I feel like he is in a safe place and he is on his meds while he is in long term care hospital . Maybe I’m just getting nervous about the future and what I should do on the next step after long term care. I just never stop worrying and feeling guilty when he keeps asking me if he could come home . I guess I have to remind myself I have to take one day at a time and just be happy he is in a safe place right now .I just enjoy when I can have him off my mind for a few min. and I’m not constantly bringing his name up to step-dad and sister and there probably so tired of me talking about him or thinking about him non-stop. Thank you Barbie for your reply this sight really helps me a lot by knowing were all going through the same thing and can relate.


THanks bridgecomet and yes your comment does help me …Yes I feel the same way and I do feel a little better when my son is feeling better and having a good day .


Yes thank you Zadkeil ! Your right my worrying will not change anything…


Thanks Zadkeil…going to check this out***