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Does anyone else here have Fibromyalgia

Out of curiosity how many of you have fibromyalgia? I have it and have noticed others having it that have a child with schizophrenia which makes me think that the stress and worries have contributed to our fibromyalgia.


I have all kinds of physical health problems that started or worsened during the time of my family member’s illness. Stress is not good for the body.


Honestly, I feel that stress, lack of sleep and pot was what pushed my son to his psychosis. He didn’t even start smoking pot until the end of HS or after. What I do know is that when his delusions started it was an extremely stressful period of his life and he was a baseball player throughout his life - so every year there was stress about if he would make which team. He has told me, however, that that did not bother him. Even when he was like 8.



Just met with my new family Dr. Fortunately, he get’s it.
Stress is a big trigger for IBS, and mine will just not go away.

So…I live with it the best I can.
He did suggest heating pads for the tummy as a direct muscle relaxer. (yeah! WORKS!!)
Basically the GI’s all say the same: reduce stress as they see my stomach muscles are over reacting, basically “fight or flight” constantly. I appear calm to anyone who looks at me. I appear cheerful, and positive.

I am actually wondering how far away the bathroom is, and IF I will make it there “in time”?

I used to break out in hives when I was a child, until teens. STRESS reaction the Dr’s said…started when I was 5yo. Hives from head to toe. (Mother and brother dx scz/unmedicated)

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Yes, I have fibromyalgia. Also, just found out this week that I also have a bleeding ulcer and colitis. The stress is literally killing me. Sorry u have fibro too. Hugs to you and your family!

Had an endoscopy and colonoscopy this week. Not fun! The initial diagnosis is a bleeding ulcer and colitis. My GI doc found one polyp and sent it out to be biopsied. Pray I don’t have Colon Cancer or Chron’s. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis and was surprised to learn that Colitis, like RA, is an autoimmune disorder that causes joint pain. Haven’t held anything down all month. Sorry to hear you have IBS. Not fun either. Feel like stress is literally eating away at my body. Try to take care of yourself and God Bless.

I have fibromyalgia too. I have also developed depression, insomnia and anxiety. I didn’t have any health problems before my son’s diagnosis. I am so sorry for everyone’s health issues. The stress is absolutely killing us.