Does anyone have experience with their SZ person having a neurotoxic reaction (amalgams, vaccines?) as the cause?

I think this is what happened to my son and am looking for others who may have experienced the same or similar? Is there anyone is this category out there?

Welcome to this site. I have no experience with what you are asking and I hope someone else might be able to answer your question.

Thank you, you are very kind. This is a hellish thing to go through. I wish your family the very best.

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You are so very right, it IS a hellish thing to go through as either the loved one with the illness or the caregivers. The cause of schizophrenia is often never determined for an individual. With my daughter, we could only guess that it was the emotional toll of caring for her father before his death, but no one knows for sure. My family is doing well now and has been since 2020 when she was stabilized on a monthly shot. Thank you for your good wishes. I hope you are able to help your son. If he cooperates with getting medically checked out, that will be good. My daughter avoided all doctors after her illness started except when forced by the law. I wish you well in this journey. It is like fighting a war.

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I'm so glad to hear your daughter is stabilized. I wish you and her all the best moving forward. 

Unfortunately, my son lost his battle in May of 2020. But there were severe physical issues going on at the same time as well. He tried so hard to make it & suceed in life in many ways. 

He was hospitalized several times. At one point took all the meds they gave him. But he was ultra-sensitive and they numbed him out so badly he couldn't take them.

I'm sorry to tell you this news. I think it was an extreme case of multiple factors. 

It is hard to understand how they get so ill but I know some trauma he went through caused him a great deal of stress also, like you were mentioming.

My heart aches for you, 

Oh Kathy, the effects of this illness can go far beyond what anyone can predict or stop. What an emotional toll for you, and a great loss. Thank you for caring for him enough to try to help others with your question at the start of this post. I am so sorry for your loss,

Thank you also for your good wishes. You are a very kind person.