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Partner with schizophrenia


hi im new to this my partner was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2006,we have four young children together.Just looking for abit of support and understanding if theres anyone else out there in the same situation.Such a difficult illness for all to live with,family try and support it but I feel no one can ever understand unless you’ve been through it feel like I have no one to talk to.


Hi Lilly,
Welcome to the forum. My son has sz. :heart:


just thought i would say hi.
take care


Hi, welcome, I have SZ for sth about 8 years with 2 times of suicide and 2 times of ECT, now that I’m approximately normal, I understand how much pressure I have put on my family and that how nice they were to me, I’m not in situation of you but can understand a little bit of your problems, I’m ready for any help which you think I can do and I think other members are same too.


It can definitely feel lonely. It is not at all like having a family member with cancer, in which case you can post updates about the latest chemo treatment on Facebook and get tons of prayers and casseroles. In this case, people REALLY don’t know what to say.

My husband doesn’t have it, but my two sons and my brother do. My best advice? One day at a time, one minute at a time when necessary.


I am glad that you have children, because they shall continue on the Earth when you are gone. Although I was in the relation nine years in America no children were born unfortunately. My former U.S. spouse wanted money and used birth control pills, a sad story. I try to be a good godfather for my goddaughter and I have decided to give her a monetary gift every Christmas, because my godparents never have given me anything. It is those genes that continue the life on the Earth, not money.


Hi thanks for the replies,nice to know there are people going through the same thing.Not been a bad week,not been a good one either he suffers from severe paranoia.Wake up everyday wondering if he’s going to be “well”.Coming up to 2 years since he’s been under section,hope it carries on.


My husband was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2012, just following the birth of our first son. I too find the road very difficult and realize that it is imperative for me to manage my own emotions and my own depression (Ive been on medication sinse 2001). My frustrations are really around getting good care and support for him… and us, but while there may be good policies (or not), the people to carry out the roles are in short supply. But I am blessed to have amazing support from my friends and church community!


Welcome to the forum sjshanns. How are you and your husband doing? And your son of course :smile:


Fairly stressed at the current point. Hubbys meds arent quite there yet.he is very resistant to taking them so gets a monthly injection. He also doesnt have much insight or illness awareness - Thats fatiguing. Im totally disillusioned by our mental health system here in australia particularly in the regional centre where we live, its big enough for things to be in better shape… so we have to try and make what is available work. Sigh. I could go on… and on. But I dont want to gripe.

Our son handles his Dads states pretty well these days even though he is only 2.

Well we have a psychiatric appointment tomorrow to which I have been ‘ordered’ to attend by our case manager so they can strategically use me to get more information out of my husband. I hate these sessions as they often ask me questions where I have to go against the will of my husband by sharing stuff he has told me in confidence. This then leads to more strain in our relationship.
Its a catch 22 where if I dont say anything, psychosis looms… if I do say something, my husband usually ends up depressed because hes admitted to hospital, or his drugs get increased, hes threatenned with being placed on a community order (sectioned) or we just end up trying to rebuild the trust between us again…

Sorry to rave, unfortunately I too struggle with depression and have had some worsening of symptoms… cyclically orientated irritation and hopelessness. Which has just started building up again today. I have taken steps to address this as I just cant afford to be like it!

Right… enough, thanks for asking!


I can empathize with you regarding trust however with my son I think there is less expectations of me keeping the trust over being a mom so that makes it somewhat different. I think the fact that you can rebuild that trust says a lot. Somewhere he must understand that you do what you do out of love. I tell my son a lot that his stability and future is too important to me and telling his workers what I see is going to happen because I love him. Not that that makes it an easier for him but he seems to accept it most of the time.

Good luck at the appointment tomorrow. Maybe try phrases like I see or I am noticing… instead of my husband is doing… It may help lessen the impact.