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My daughter had all the symptoms, and we parents wer ignorant


my main concern, how a person can come to know, the subject has schizophrenia-it took me 6 or more years to to understand or know this word sch… or for that matter bipolar. with Gods grace forceful treatment with the help of COPE my daughter got timely help and she is out of the hospital and on treatment. hope the recovery is complete however long the treatment is. my major concern is timely info for general public. even after my knowledge i could not help her as she was in aggressive state and had severed all relationship with parents and her friends.reluctant for any treatment. luckily she had some relationship with her brother, my son, who saved her life getting wasted away. and the family sincerely thank the system, this program and all the people, nurses, psychiatrist, therapist and all involved in this program bringing life back to the victims of this dreadful event of their life. Blessed are those who make such positive changes in peoples lives. Thank you for your time.
dont give up hope. do all what you can, pray to God, talk to any and all who you think can help, dont give up, your loved ones suffering from this sch… will go back to daughter, i know has to go a long time to get well but she will. with hope and faith you can achieve. later i will write about the recovery process. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.