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Does he have schizophrenia?


Recently I met a man.He seemed really nice and smart and my mother liked him too.He told me that he was doing some great work with twitter and that even Lady Gaga follows him. We started talking,I helped him get more followers on twitter and encourage him & he was very grateful.He said it didn’t work with his earlier wife because she did not encourage him.But as I continued talking to him,he started saying things like he believed he would never age,he even twitted about it,oneday he would be very famous,he came up with a theory that he called the universal combination of numbers & that it was something extraordinary.However,I didn’t take it seriously but called it off because I felt he was using me to promote his work,& wasn’t serious about settling down.After a month he contacted me & told me he loved me.In the meantime he also quit his job.I always had a feeling that he had a child & he admitted he had a 5 year old son.He was suffering from muscle pull that he got at the gym,& I took him to the doctor,where I discovered his actual name. His apartment,is very neat,clean & organized.Last night as I was talking to him,he started sounding crazy again.He said he was disappointed that after having made such great tweets giving suggestions to the Aust cricket team he never got a call from the cricket board,& it was a controversy because people were jealous of him.He is not in a good relationship with his mother because she is not handing him over his property,& the one other thing that struck me was that he isn’t allowed to speak to his son.But when his mother spends time with her grandson,she doesn’t call him over. When asked he said he was taken to doctors since he was a kid,& apparently he had some hormone secretion that made him too ambitious.He was on medication for a long time.I am still not sure if he is trying to sound crazy on purpose to scare me off so he doesn’t have to settle down,but still wants to keep me by his side so I would help promote his twitter.I was annoyed & deleted my twitter acc & he got really hurt & asked me to open another one.When I wanted to call it off he said I was making a mistake because I wouldn’t find another guy who was as great as he was.I was about to tell him that I may be willing to commit if he were willing to do certain things (l was about to say see a doctor and take medication) but he cut me short saying that he’d call me back. He doesn’t want to get into serious talk about us.My question is,does he have schizophrenia or something or is he just playing with me? Thanks


I think a psychiatrist would be needed to tell if he was schizophrenic. As far as a relationship goes, that depends substantially on you. How much of his wackiness can you tolerate? I think he will probably stay in his dream world as long as there are not grave consequences for it. You also have to consider the possibility that he could get worse. I would find out as much as I possibly could about him before I got in a relationship with him. Make sure you find out if he has any tendency towards violence. Mental illness is hard to live with under the best of circumstances.


He may have a tendency towards violence. He mentioned something about beating up this boy who came over to clean his place.


I’m not sure why you would be looking for a long-term commitment from someone that you just meet.

Since I’m not a doctor and don’t know him I can’t say for sure however it does sound like he may have schizophrenia or some other type of psychosis. It doesn’t sound like he is playing with you.