Does music help?



Here is a new song. I loved it. Hope it touches your lives everyone!!!


And an OLDIE but GOODY


I love this, I listen and imagine driving beside hills, and mountains on a damp cold day. In Scotland of course lol.


You must be talking about the Ralph Vaughan Williams. Perfect for that cold wintry day when you have nothing better to do than stare out the window, drink bitter tea, and contemplate… death. And squirrels. LOL!


Ll yes that’s the one I was talking about. It’s so atmospheric .
Gimme a coffee from the USA though any day ! Lol


So true…

Who sings this?
The band?



Au4. I guess it’s pronounced “oh four”. There must be some meaning behind the name, but I’ve no clue about it. They’re a Canadian band. If I remember right, they offer their music for free download.


Who is this please , I can’t find it .


Are you still talking about Ralph Vaughan Williams? Not sure which song you’re referencing. Whatever it is, I’ll gladly track it down for you.


Ahh thanks no I’ve already downloaded Ralph Vaughan to my phone it’s other one Anged watching over me ?


Amy Grant. Angels Watching Over Me. From her 1984 album, Straight Ahead. Yep. Good song. Amy had a good message.


Thanks so much. I really like it.


Yeah, Amy was kind of amazing. Probly still is. Here’s another one you might like.


Thank you , it’s lovely too.


A happy song:


Music is one of the things that connects me and my son. Drumming is in his blood and he is so talented that I cry almost overtime I hear him play. I wouldn’t normally share this but am pretty sure he will never visit this site. My son is on the drum set a few years ago…


@Holly67 Thanks! That was fun to hear. Does he have a drum set at the house?


I’ve been listening to this the last few days - does anyone remember this one?

“You can’t dance and stay uptight”


I want to go outside and dance!!!