Song when in despair

This song has always spoken to me during dark days of my son’s illness. I understand it was written by Eric Clapton as he was bottoming out from serious drug addiction. It’s beautiful musically also and has always made me feel that we have a shared humanity in suffering.


Beautiful song! Thanks for sharing! I LOVE music to help me survive the pain. Maybe we can all share inspirational songs on this thread and use it as an SZ Support Play List !

Here’s one of my favorites: Blessing Offor - Brighter Days - YouTube


Oh my goodness, Eric Clapton and Luciana Pavarotti had me enthralled with the beauty of that song.

And I also was so touched by Blessing Offor. What a good video too.

@Sando, it is a great idea to post songs on this thread for hope and survival of terrible days/pain. I rarely even listen to music anymore. I stopped years ago when my daughter’s illness started. I will come back here to listen to these two songs again and I hope others post more.


Yeah, this is pretty good. Here’s another version of Clapton’s Holy Mother


I have lots of songs pre schizophrenoa days that pop into my mind now and then. The days when my sons were in their early teens up in their room playing the music of the times. They had a nutty mummy, i used to start :dancer: dancing with them and they would be laughing. Songs by freddie mercury, the verve etc. Then a few years later schizophrenia happened.

I met someone who has schizophrenia who started talking about recovery, not something mentioned 26 yrs ago. So then im a mother on a mission! Long story short, apart from other things, i joined psychoatric nursing forums and service user forums and one day a service user came out with a saying that has stuck with me … Things will be alright in the end, if its not alright then it isnt the end… when things get tough or stressful, that saying comes to me and i start thinking ahead, months , a year, weeks what ever is happening right now will pass. Thats how i cope x


Love that!! But so far we have two (2) songs on our SZ Caregivers Playlist…, sad. Have we all given up on music? (No way!)

“Some day we’ll all be free”, melody written and sung by musical genius Donny Hathaway who had sz. Lyrics by Edward Howard trying to give comfort and encouragement to Donny, became an anthem of hope.

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Love it! Send link? On Apple Music or Spotify or Napster? Kidding. About Napster.

Yes, everything will be ok at the end. One of my favorite songs is one that should not be only for Christmas:

Immanuel, OUR GOD IS WITH US ! Sung by Michael Card, it’s beautiful! On my down days I start my day listening to it, there’s also one from church,
Where Can I Turn for Peace?

It was written in a time of despair and depression. Beautiful song.

Music is uplifting, it doesn’t change the situation but helps to make it bearable; is one of the ways we can use to manage our stress and anxiety.
Here’s a list of suggestions to take care of ourselves during the stressful times:

Talk with God.
Look at your expectations.
Take a short break.
Be aware of when you’re stressed. (seemed like I’m here all the time!)
Focus on gratitude.
Be active.
Limit technology use.
Be kind to yourself.
Help someone else.
Try a relaxing activity.
Stay connected with friends and family.
Take it one step at a time.
Practice mindfulness.

Sending you hugs. And thank you for sharing your favorite songs.


I think I answered to Sando but I meant to answer to you regarding favorite songs or uplifting music.
I agree: this will pass. By the way where did you find the psychiatric nursing forums and the service user forums?
It helps to have this family caregivers forum.
Thank you for sharing.
Bless your heart for looking beyond.

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This goes back over 10 years ago, the forums i joined at the time are not around anymore, although the psych nursing is still there its not that active these days. Members on the forum were from various countries. I got chatting privately to a few one was from texas and another from Canada i live in the UK. With all my searching for answers, i found this site many years ago others in Australia although I’m not in contact with the Australia site any more. I think a part of this site has service users on it, im sure ive seen it here, if you go to the home page.

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I have a whole list of “let my emotions out songs” that I crank when I’m home alone (so rare lately!)
This song is meant to be about a romantic partner, but it makes me think about the walls everyone puts up to hide sorrow. Not uplifting but it does something for me.

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That’s beautiful… Probably should have a post on what this condition does to our love lives… But might be too sad!!! Certainly another wall in our lives.

Thank you for creating this topic.

A favorite song of mine I’d like to share:

‘Wonder’ by Natalie Merchant—


@Gaia , this song always brings me to tears, the part “I must be one of the wonders of Gods own creation“…
Her voice and the emotion in this song…


@Gaia Thanks for sharing such a beautiful song. Our son is indeed a wonder, a challenge, and so very special to us. Thanks!!!

Here’s a video about the power of this song. Awesome. Natalie Merchant Introducing Wonder - YouTube

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Thank you both for sharing the song and the video Natalie Merchant made showing the impact of this song.
Not a dry eye here after my husband and I watched this. Very moving; Thank you.