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New favorite therapeutic song

I have said before that music is therapeutic for me… well I just discovered a new song by Bastille that I find very encouraging and uplifting… it’s called Joy… about how we can encouragement from each other

Thanks for posting the link. I am glad that it is helping you. Weirdly enough, most music irritates me these days. I prefer silence myself. I never really noticed the change in myself until now. I have not even listened to my music library in years now.

I think that we can all use encouragement from each other, for sure, however it can be found. :slight_smile:


For me listening to music is a stress reliever. I put my headphones or I chrome-cast to my tv… and I jam to some music… the genre or song depends on my mood. Sometimes I just want to rock, other times I want to listen to classical. Sometimes I dance along with the music… much to the embarrassment of my kids :smile:


I used to love listening to music, all genres, and I always picked something that used to match my mood, (happy, sad, broken, angry, etc). Now I’m finding I no longer enjoy it, I also prefer dead complete silence. Another indication I’m not the same person I was before all of this.

I love reading (always did, but more so now), and an occasional Netflix documentary about the criminal mind or the documentaries of prisoners and their psyche and what makes them turn the switch. I can escape for a couple of hours with a good documentary.

Dont really have too much time between my work and taking care of my House, and making sure my son is ok, but when I can find some time, it’s preferably just sitting by the sun, in complete silence.


I am too ADHD to be able to sit still in silence very long. Unless I could be by the ocean shore… or up on a mountain… or by a waterfall… somewhere the environment is peaceful.

This could be an interesting thread on its own, how being a caregiver has changed your life in unexpected ways.

I, too, used to love listening to music. In fact, I played music semi-professionally for many years. But after being around my husband, who mostly prefers 70s rock or pop music, I found I was no longer interested in listening to the music I enjoyed. It could partially be from his criticism, but even after being apart from him for nine months, I still have no interest in listening to my music library.



Isn’t it funny how “this” changed not only “their” lives forever, but “ours” as well, in the most unexpected, not so great ways. It’s tedious, exhausting, and drains the life out of you.

I now prefer the sound of silence above all else, and I really treasure the times I can be alone and not be interrupted. I think the sound I prefer next would be the sound of nature. Waterfalls, running river, birds chirping, frogs croaking, bees humming…I need to take a walk into the deep woods one day and just spend the day there.

Also, off topic, I would just like to say that I think you still love your husband very much. I can read between the lines. It’s such an awful situation to want to be with someone, but can’t.


This was interesting for me to read, as I have also started to prefer silence, or if I play music at all, it is typically for soothing purposes. My stations on Spotify have recently become more along the lines of “peaceful meditation” or “relaxing massage”.

I did like the “Joy” song though, I had never heard that one before.

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