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Doing something nice for your caretaker


I’m taking my Mom to her favorite restaurant tomorrow. It’s a bigger deal than it sounds because it’s a long drive and a lot of money for me to be paying as broke as I am at this age and with this condition (not sz).

When was the last time u did something nice for your caretaker if you have one, besides verbally thanking them Lol.


My kid sis and my parents took care of me when I was at my worst. I’ve been working on being a better person… staying med compliant… seeing my doc and therapist.

I like to try and do nice things for my parents. I also like to try and be there for my sis.


My sister was 19 when I became psychotic. Barely a word of support. DIdn’t give a flying f***…


I just grabbed a picture frame from goodwill that i plan on gluing some seashells around from the local beach. going to put a photo of the local lighthouse in it. She likes beach theme stuff


I’m sorry to hear that.

My sis was 6 when I was hospitalized and diagnosed at 17.

She didn’t understand what was really going on… but she was still on my side.
She’s still one of my best friends.


I clean all my cooking crap and make my own food every day. I eat independently and don’t leave much of a trace- my mom is a nanny for some neurologists so I try to keep her from taking work home.

As for money, shit I can’t afford my own food. I eat from the dollar menu from Taco Bell every lunchtime. Then when my friends want to go out is when I actually spend money.

That’s really cool of you. Respect.


i had two chalupas at taco bell every day in 7th grade, after basketball practice. little fatty i was…

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I try to do things for her to keep her happy. So I try to clean the apartment as best I can. I plan on doing something special for our eighth anniversary. It’s the twenty-third of January.


My two sisters make pretty good money and they take me out to eat reguarly. They are always ready to treat me but I try to give them a break and pay for my own when I can. About three years ago I got a huge back pay check from SSDI without any warning. I just looked in my checking account one day and without notifying me, Social Security direct deposited $11,000 in my account to do whatever I wanted to do with it. The first thing I did was pay off a credit card debt. The second thing I did was buy three tickets to see Sheryl Crow live in concert for me and my sisters to go to at a small intimate venue. The tickets plus parking cost me about $350.00.


I’m giving my mom a hug everyday. I was never a warm daughter, she appreciates it.

I’m taking her out to dinner on the next weekend too than!