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Dropping son off at college

Very nervous. I’m dropping my son off at college tomorrow. I just can’t imagine he’s going to get through the day to day challenges of college. My non-ill daughter is already there but I can’t expect her to do too much even though she’s willing. Don’t know what to do but let him go.


Take one day at a time , I’m in the same boat like many others , its all what we are capable of doing . Im still digesting this disease and educating myself as much as i can . nervous , anxious , frightened , i pass almost every emotion but what i have learned is try not to think of the past or what can happen in the future but focus on the Now and take one day at a time . I pray for us all .


I think you did the exact right thing. And I’m so glad your daughter is near because she can at least check on him if you don’t hear from him for a length of time that feels too long to you.

I dropped mine off and I was so hopeful. I wanted so much for my child. You are giving your son an opportunity, a chance to do what he wants to do.


You did the right thing. It is the only way you (and he) will know if he CAN do it. I hope he can. Do something nice for yourself while your kids are away at college.