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Worried Mom heart broken

My son was put on a M 1 hold today, he doesn’t think anything is wrong with him. He wont take medicine or go to appointments. He is 21 and has pairinoed delusions. He thinks we send him bad vibes, he wont take showers or change his clothes. This is the second hospitalization for him. This is very new, seeing him suffering is so hard. I know the terrible things he says is not him. It seems he is just crying out for help, but he thinks the ones who love him are the cause. Maybe his own worries about what we think, I am not sure how to help him. I am not sure if letting him stay with someone else when he gets home will help? I just want what is best for my son, he is so smart and strong, yet so stubborn. Everyone says this is what’s best for him, but I feel so helpless. He does have a team working with him so hopefully things can improve. Thank you for taking time to read this. I am praying for all the family and there loved one who is suffering, to have strength and patience through our tour journey.


@Crystal - I’m guessing he is in the hospital and will be put on medication? Everything you list is very common for a lot of us. And it’s always us that are the one causing the problem. Hang in there we’re here for you. I had to get and emergency mental health hold for my son - which meant they could break down the door and get him, which they did. Then the doctor had to go to trial and get him on court ordered meds. Four weeks later and he is much better - he’s on an invega shot. I know it may not last but for now he is stable and in a group (temp) home.


Dear Crystal,
I hope your son gets the help he needs, sometimes we have to let the professionals help, this illness is alot to handle and as parents we are unprepared when it hits us, it blindsides us with grief. Many prayers for you.
I lay awake early mornings, thinking about my son Lou, whom I was unable to help. I struggle with the sadness and heartache. But then the birdies wake up, its dawn and the sun shines again. I take this moment to reflect and read on this site, it helps me cope.
Love to you all-AnnieNorCal
5am on the dot! The first bird is chirping!
P.S. Lou is currently in a state hospital, where he is forensically committed. He is having his first competency hearing in San Diego, Ca. We await word from his attorney. Shalom