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Dual Diagnosis Recommendation


Can anyone with experience recommend a long term dual diagnosis center in patient? Urgent request please


I don’t know, but I know if you speak to the psychiatrist, they can immediately order a 6 month court-ordered paper if they feel like the patient is very suicidal or a threat to society and the people around him or themselves. I forgot that existed, but I remember now because I remember my mom exaggerating my depression and how one psychiatrist got pissed off because I came to their clinic and I had been off medications for months and not actually taking medications (I was released from my psychiatrist because she said I no longer needed medications – I went to the same psychiatrist again like a couple of months ago and she said she didn’t want me on medications because it worsened my physiological conditions and I was stable enough and she saw me doing better), so like I wasn’t really earning her money and she decided to start filing a court ordered, but my mom didn’t want me in a 6 month program, so she was like, “Just pretend you’re going to take the meds,” and I agreed to take melatonin and never went there again – that psychiatrist was leaving the clinic for unnamed reasons, so no reason to either. Only reason why I saw her was it was because it was part of the requirement and I needed a therapist – which both sucked, they were always late or cancelling and the second one was crazy, so I halted services altogether. I never actually took the melatonin if you’re wondering.


These are from a friend, not direct experience. But I know you will vet them and do due diligence for your family member.

Friend’s family member with less severe MI diagnosis/ dual diagnosis went to Pine Grove is part of Forest General Hospital which managed the entry detox.

The other one that was recommended to them was
They have other locations.

Both are expensive, but maybe if you are in the right US state, insurance would help cover?

Help! Son has schizophrenia needs transitional home in North or South Carolina

Also, maybe SAMHSA


Thank you so much. I appreciate it. He currently is drug seeking so there isn’t need for detox unless things change but I will check these out. Take care


Is he still in the hospital?


Yes but his social worker said she couldn’t hold him any longer. He went on voluntarily and she did he is taking meds. She recommended a dual diagnosis rehab for six months. He is discharged on Wednesday and I have a referral to one in the nearest city.


I spoke to the the social worker today and she said they cannot hold him. She said there is no reason for them to go before the judge. He isn’t a danger to himself or others. She moved him to dual diagnosis unit and is talking to him about going into a dual diagnosis program. He went into the hospital voluntarily.


How does he seem to you?


I called him last night and we talked briefly. He sounded better and said when he comes home he was going to stay at his apartment above the office. That he hadn’t gotten angry up there. I told him he needed therapy and that I didn’t think it was an anger issue. He said he had made some friends and had to go. That he was getting out Wednesday.


What kind of medication have they given him?


“But he is unable to take care for himself and you will not be held responsible for his care if he’s in this state,” say that next time. And good.


That’s good advice - I’m not sure it works in all states. That’s kind of how my son got both his involuntaries, but I didn’t have to say anything. They could see he couldn’t protect himself from harm and that he was not competent to voluntarily consent to treatment.

All states should have that along with “gravely disabled”


I agree with you, it’s something that is highly needed to be taken in consideration and make changes to.


No change on meds. 20 mg Zyprexa and gave him Atavan for anxiety.


I can’t remember. Was he taking the Zyprexa before?

I don’t have a lot of experience with the hospitals, but I got a little frustrated when they kept trying to give him the same thing that wasn’t working at home.


I called her first thing yesterday and pleaded that I didn’t think he was well enough to come home. This time they want him out. It might be the doctor. I’m not sure.
Yes he is on zyprexa