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He got help... finally



It’s been a while since I posted. It got more and more hopeless- he was mean, using drugs, delusional. His mother kicked him out and he was staying in the scariest motel ever.

I talked with him Sunday. On Monday, he called and asked me to take him to rehab on Tuesday. On Tuesday, he put it off until today. Today I was on pins and needles, but he went.

He is at the VA. He says he’s there for detox and hopefully rehab but he’s in the psych ward. The ED Dr told me it would be at least 24 hours, but the psych nurses who admitted him told us (and the literature) said 48. So I figure I’ve got 48 hours. He did list me as his spouse and gave them permission to call me. In case it is 24 or even 48 hours, I need to find some sort of inpatient drug treatment program that will take him quickly.

When I left the hospital he was saying he wants to stay as long as he can… the realities of that ward may change his mind though. I’m any event, I plan to call the social workers and attending tomorrow and tell them about the delusions. Does anyone know a way to get them to change it from a voluntary to an involuntary commitment?

Seeing him body searched and put in the scrubs, then led away by 3 big nurses… that was hard. He looks so bad, he doesn’t even look like my husband.

If he does get released in the next few days and I can’t find inpatient treatment, what do I do? He can’t come home until he’s stable… and even then I will have to work very hard with my children for them to even stay in the same house with him. Any ideas? He’s out of money, so a hotel is no option.


I spoke with the social worker. He is talking about his delusions with them… thank God. She asked all the right questions in terms of when this started, examples, the substances he was abusing and amounts, family history, etc.

She said that it is possible to change him to an involuntary commitment but rarely does that happen. He is refusing all medications.

I don’t even know what to ask you all.