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Early Psychosis Program

Today I talked to someone from a near-by Early Psychosis program. We are going to meet an outreach worker next week. I would be so thrilled if this worked out!


Oh how wonderful! I hope it works out.

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@Hummingbird Stay encouraged and be persistent. This is a marathon not a sprint!

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I hope it works out for you. My son participated in a Early Psychosis program and it was wonderful. The case manager came to the house or would meet him in a coffee shop. They would communicate with him through text sometimes too. They kept the caseloads small so that the kids got what they needed. They did recreational groups for the kids and support groups for parents. They even offered cognitive rehabilitation and work/employment support. My son didnt take advantage of all the offerings but it was certainly helpful for the 18 months that he was with them and 2.5 years later he is still med compliant and relatively stable…thank God. Please let us know how it goes

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Thank you! One thing that has really helped during the last six months or so has been a group called Teen Challenge at Mental Health America. They meet once week and do low/key activities. He really seems to fit in with the other teens there.


I have heard great things about Teen Challenge. It is very sensible to take advantage of their once a week activities. As a note, I always give my daughter extra alone time at home after she goes out into public for an activity. Both the outing and the immediate alone time seem to go together well.

Thank you, I think that’s great advice!

One thing I would like to ask people in the Early Psychosis program is how to explain to a school district about how draining any social interaction is, or even how hard it was for him to walk in the front door of the school. They ended up sending him to the alternative school, where kids were fighting and selling pot and he was hiding in a stairwell and sleeping! I have to admit I admired his taking the initiative to get some quiet time.

He is doing so much better with his online school. I am officially “homeschooling” and saving the district a crazy amount of money.

And that is my rant for the day!

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Good for you doing home schooling! I remember school being sooooo upsetting for me. Kids and teachers both can be so cruel to anyone who is not in the “cliques” of “cool” kids. I forever tried to be “cool” but never could be, and was often ostracized at my Catholic school (where kindness was preached but not often followed).

In Florida, the state offers on line home schooling for free now. I wish it had existed when my kids were in school.

I understand your son’s need for alone time. I hope things continue to improve for you.