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Rejected by Early Psychosis Program

Well, my son was so cooperative all day, but the program we visited didn’t accept him because he had symptoms (very intermittently) more than 2 years ago.

Maybe it is meant to be because the office was over an hour away. They also don’t take our insurance. Not ideal, that’s for sure.

His brothers both have severe autism, and I have been amazed at all the services they can get (since we moved to this state). I would like to find half as many for my son with SMI.


I share your exact frustration. Finding supportive services, especially if your loved one has private insurance (e.g. NOT on Medicaid) is challenging, if impossible.

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I’m sorry you are experiencing this. I feel like the US is set up to wait for mentally ill people to end up in jail or court in order to get services.


Sorry to hear your son wasn’t accepted to the program, @Hummingbird. In my case, I worked the system inside and out and through a lot of persistence and effort the local university program held open a spot for my son. When we got to the admissions interview, the administrator described the program and informed us that participants are not allowed to use drugs while on the program. He asked my son if he’d commit to not using drugs, even pot, while on the program.

Well, my son said “What? No. No way.”

I was so pissed. Years of ups and downs later, I’ve long ago realized that if one path is blocked, even if it’s by my son himself, I just have to find another path to get him the help he needs.

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