Electric brain scan due Monday

My 22 year old son is currently hospitalized after a psychotic episode. He has been there 3 weeks and they have done numerous tests including CT and body xrays. Next up, they want to do a …I don’t know what it is called in English…but it involves attaching multiple electrical pulse monitoring plugs on the head (like a cardio ECG) and letting him lie for one hour while they monitor brainwaves? The doc says it is to determine if he needs new meds for a disorder that is making him so irritable and easily stressed. Does anyone know the name of this in English - and even more wonderful would be if anyone else has any experience of having had this done? Thank you lots in advance :smile:

An electroencephalogram (EEG) measures brain activity here is a link:

I’ve had 2 done before, one time I had to wear the equipment 24 hours (a long time ago) and the second test I recall they wouldn’t let me sleep at all before it, and put me out in the waiting room where I kept falling asleep. Of course no one ever went in depth with me the results other than to say they saw a slight disturbance… but it was painless that I remember.

I’m not much help in that department, but I do hope by doing this they can figure out a solution for your son. Sending positive thoughts your way:)

i think i had an mri (magnetic resonance imagery, it wasnt too long, they had me lay down and put me over a round donut type machine, it didnt hurt but i had to stay very still while they were looking, i think it was just to rule out some other more serious things that could be causing it like tumours and things so nothing to worry about, i heard it was a lot of money to use these machines tho but i was on the nhs so it was free for me here in the uk. i wish i could see the picture it took as i’d get it framed i think lol,

It’s called an EEG (electroencephalogram). It measures brain waves and is harmless. Last time I had one, they put a skull cap on my head and didn’t glue the electrodes to my head. The only uncomfortable part is towards the beginning of the test where they flash all these funky colors at you with your eyes close. I display seizure activity when they do that. I guess it’s better than a lumbar puncture or nerve conduction study, but still a little uncomfortable in the beginning.

I paid $20 to get a copy of my MRI on a CD. I went into MY HMO and asked for it. At first they were concerned as to why I wanted it, kept asking if I was going to change to a different HMO or if I thought they didn’t do something right and would sue them.
After telling her I just thought it would be neat since my husband had gotten copies of his broken ankle X-ray’s and posted them on FB, I just thought it neat to have my own X-rays of my head.
No problem, $20 and they sent the CD in the mail within a couple days.

Now no one can say I don’t have a brain, because I have proof.

I think you are talking about an EEG electroencephalogram. They glue electrodes onto the head and while the patient lies still the brain waves are monitored. It is to check for seizure activity which could indicate epilepsy or the need for anticonvulsant medication to help with irritability and being easily stressed like you describe. EEGs can be done sleep deprived, and they usually take about 1 hour. But, sometimes they do a longer one for 24 hours or even 72 hours.


THANKYOU everyone who replied. Much appreciated. Even though I didn’t get back till now. Crazy busy days trying to work and get to the hospital to see him before closing hours. He is having the head EEG to test for epilepsy they told me. i am quite sure he doesn’t have it as he never had a seizure but on several occasions when he has been psychotic and the voices loud he has complained to docs about a bright blue flashing light…

Anyway. Today the doc told me he will be in for another month so we are now on month 2. He is really irritable today and asked me to leave, he says he is exhausted every day and just wants to sleep and even with the new meds still hearing the voices and they are not being friendly.

I am just glad he is in good care while he is like this. Still not sure why they are doing the epilepsy test when he has never had a seizure but…we’ll see I guess.

thanks again :smiley:

Have they done the EEG yet?

those are pretty reliable- I will get an fMRI one day when I have the money. I am curious to see my brain. I know its schizophrenic, I just want to know how schizophrenic and in what ways (which areas are smaller than controls, if my ventricles are swollen, ect). If I ever want to practice and get a masters or Psy D they will force me to take multiple scans and the MMPI-2 (which I took when I was 19 as part of an evaluation, and guess what it said, I’m abnormal!)

Yes. They did it. He doesn’t have epilepsy. The blue flashing lights are visual hallucinations I guess. It’s weird because he also had an MRI of some kind and I saw the result and everything looked normal- they said so too. It was a very simple looking scan result however and I couldn’t see the lateral ventricles.

He has settled in to the hospital routine quite well. 3 ‘episodes’ and 6 weeks in. That is, 3 times he was isolated due to manic behavior. He has, I see made a couple of teenage friends and they have played volleyball (once) and cards/trumps and Othello board game which made me very happy. A great improvement to rocking and talking to his voices and all the word salad.

I’ve been visiting after work every second or third day. On this Saturday, the doctor said he is well enough to go out for a day trip so he wants to come home and see the pets and then I’ll take him back for his curfew of 5pm. Dinner is 5:40pm. They turn lights out at 9pm…it’s very structured.

Thanks for following up Barbie :sunny: