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Family doesn't believe mental illness is real


So I posted another topic about my partner leaving me suddenly and I got great feedback from everyone. We are still separated and I am trying to be strong and leave him be, for my own emotional health and my kids. I talked to his family member today that is the caretaker for his other family member with SZ and she totally blew it off. I tried to ask her to keep an eye on him and support my suggestion that he see a doctor or a therapist. She basically told me that their family member with SZ chose to be that way a long time ago and now ‘it’s too late to change back’ and that he (my partner) used his mental health as an excuse to dump me.
I am super shocked and confused. My family doesn’t support him having SZ either they say that he has ‘some kind of problem’ though and is just selfish and immature. It is so frustrating knowing that it’s something real and I’m the only person around acknowledging it ,…really gave me perspective on how reluctant he is to try to seek help it makes sense to me now because no one else in his life is supportive of it. Still,…I’m lonely and sad and I hope that he feels better soon and I wish that he would get help.


I don’t know what to say except I’m sorry that you are left carrying this on your own. Insight is hard enough so adding family members who they themselves have little to no insight just makes things worse in my opinion. Try not to let their words hurt you. I guess they are trying to justify his actions for him. If nothing else know that you are not alone.


When you see a person limping with a cast on their leg it’s easy to think they’ve broken it. Mental illness isn’t as obvious and is much harder to acknowledge. A person’s thoughts control their behavior but when those thoughts themselves are impaired there’s no easy to see indicator of what’s causing it.