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My family is falling apart :-(

I have been with my guy for almost 10 years and we had a couple years that were very rough. Starting with accusations from him that I cheated and wanted other guys. He was prescribed seroquel by his doctor and it had been the first thing he was on in our entire relationship so I knew it was going to be some time before we would really notice a difference. There were a couple times where our arguments turned physical and while trying to protect myself during a fight I hit back and hurt him although neither of us thought anything of it until recently when he started to have alot of pains and problems where I struck back. I am ashamed and hate that it went that far but it happened and we moved past it and it’s been nothing but good since. He ran out of his meds but had recently been given a new med by his doctor and that seemed to be the thing that did the trick for him and for our relationship. Everything has been fantastic since he started it.
Recently he went to the hospital to fix the injury and didn’t get his meds for 2 days and then was pumped with 5-6 different drugs at the hospital and didn’t disclose on the forms that he is a Paranoid SZ and that he has Partial Frontal Lobe damage from a very young age. I feel as if they messed with his head and no one that matters (his family) will listen to me. He went into the hospital in love and planning out future and walked out confused and forgetful as well as claiming he is single and that we aren’t together anymore. In a matter of a couple hours after I left the hospital to deal with other things I get a call that I am not welcome back. He did a complete 360 and his family thinks that is normal. He took his meds for a few days after his release and those few days things were really good with us (when he was home) but he tells me today that he isn’t taking them anymore…that he doesn’t need them. His only reason for not being home fulltime is that he is scared that we MIGHT fight in the future. Since he has been on his meds there hasn’t been a raised voice or anything because they allow him to process his thoughts before he speaks and it helps us communicate better. I am lost and confused and I don’t know what to do. Has anyone experienced a loved one having a complete change in personality and heart like that? I am devastated and he just says it’s not the end of the world. He is so focused on the what ifs and the fear that it is ruining everything we worked so hard to fix.

sorry you are hurting…but his behaviour is pretty normal for a sz…unfortunately.
maybe look for a support group you can join.
the more information and understanding of the illness, the more you can identify between sz behaviour and what is not.
being in a relationship with a sz is not a walk in the park :sparkle:
mrs. sith has had to endure many things…but it is not easy…and that is an understatement !!
hope this helps a little.
know someone cares :heart:
take care :alien: