Family dysfunction?


I think this is the worst possible dysfunction,I read that it causes people to suicide,I had these,my family can’t look me eye to eye because I lack willpower and I don’t communicate with most of my family member well


It’s just one of those things, no ones born with an instruction manual, so each family does the best they can. With what they got and what they know. There is an old saying it takes a village to raise a child. We really have lost that sense of community to help each other out. Although I see it growing in these small online communities so maybe there is hope yet for the future.

Something happen to prompt the post btw and did you want to discuss it?


Yes,most of my family member thinks I am a failure,I try to live life but my condition is making it hard to achieve a satisfying life…I don’t enjoy the company of people including my family,so they also don’t enjoy my company,I am only comfortable around one of my siblings and my dad,the rest I tell then to f**k off,because they don’t understand and just can’t accept me

I am generally negative but I been trying to change,I need some miracles and energy,it looks hard atm


I once heard a drug and alcohol counselor say - “If people only knew what those two words meant - ‘dysfunctional family’.”


@crimby,i knew your trying to calm console me,but I think my family is not dysfunction,instead i am dysfunctional,sometimes I think if it would be good if I leave my family and be independant,I am 24 years old,already a grown up adult,I behave insecurely,it hurts to know that I am 24 years old yet I behave like a “afraid of spanking” insecure child,I hope one of our big family members suffer like I do,I want someone to be able to relate to me and I relate to them,it would be better feel for me


At 24 you would be getting the need to leave the nest. Things between my immediate family did improve a great deal when I moved into my own place. You’re also not alone on feeling a stranger at times in your own family though. The stigma of mental illness within the family sucks the most There is a video I often send to others to help educate others with it

Removing The Stigma of Mental Illness


@dreamscape,would I improve overall if I leave my family and be independant?i am working for my family and living with them depending on them,I had sometimes think of changing job but my parent and family members always advice me not to,they said I must cherish the family business which I actually had no idea how to make it work or am really interested in doing it…I am more interested in psychology and sports


I really can’t tell you what to do. I can only give advice which is doing what feels right for each of us is usually the best cause of action. However there is usually consequence to our action. Maybe talk it over with a friend or your tdoc.


Ok thank you…I will talk to my support group about this


I know that I don’t know your family however I don’t think that they think of you as a failure. Sometimes family don’t know how to act. Not looking you in the eye may be their way of trying not to make you feel any more uncomfortable then you already appear to be. Most families have some sort of dysfunction. I’m sorry that you have been struggling lately. Hopefully talking to your support group can give you some ideas on how to not let isolation take over.


Yes,@barbieBF,I just talked to my bro and father,we had a good conversation and I will be going to the psychiatrist tomorrow for appointment,will tell my psychiatrist about the recent anxiety and also the fatigued I had always faced…

To be fair,I had improve a fairbit as compare to last year,inreguard of my mental health,I hope I can make more improvement in the next 2 years to come


that made me think of the time when I first got home from hospital and my parents told all my siblings to be very quiet around me. People would tiptoe past my door, which didn’t help. They would stop talking as soon as I entered a room or when they got near me… that didn’t help either.

My sis was a little kid and she was just as loud and chatty and jumping around as ever… for some reason that made me feel better.

It makes me smile when my family would say… “Riley… shhhh… don’t bother your brother” she would run up the stairs… fling my door open and shout… “are you being bothered?” :laughing: