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Family Support Groups in U.K.?

Does anyone know of any family support groups specifically for the family of schizophrenia sufferers?
I’d be very interested in knowing more about such groups in any location.
I have formed a small group on Facebook that is a place to connect, share information and discuss all issues associated with support and increasing understanding of the condition.
See link below:


I am in the US but did some googling and found this…not sure if it will help but I hope you find what you are looking for.

Thank you Catherine, Illl have a look at that

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Most people find this site to be the best forum for families of people who have schizophrenia. Join in the conversation here!

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Someone on this forum mentioned Rethink awhile ago:

Says there are 110 groups around England… And there are other organizations in other parts of the UK:

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I recommend the Rethink carers support groups. These are for the friends, parents, and other relatives of the person with the illness. We attend a group in Cambridgeshire, once a month.

Our group is for all mental illness, but mostly sz. The sessions are informal, sometimes with a guest speaker from the nhs, or the local authority, or other organisations that can help us. We relax and chat over tea and biscuits, talk about any recent things that have happened with the person who is ill, the good and the bad. It really does help to get it off your chest.

There are similar Rethink groups all over the country. The links from Hereandhere will get you to the Rethink site and from there you should be able to find a local group.

The great thing about these groups, whether you go every month, once a year,or once every 10 years, is that you can talk to people in the same situation as yourself, because nobody else can come close to understanding what you’re going through.

In Cambridgeshire we also have the carers trust, This organisation publishes a monthly newsletter with a calendar of a whole range of meetings, activities, self help groups etc available in our area. You may find something similar in your area.

I think we would all agree that looking after somebody with sz is a roller-coaster ride, and the one thing we’ve yet to find, is education for the carer, to teach us how to live with a person with sz, how to communicate with them, and what to look for to ensure they’re not heading for relapse. What we want is to know how to deal with our loved ones when they refuse to take medication, when they refuse to stop buying all manner of stuff online that they don’t need, when they won’t eat a biscuit becasue they say it’s poisoned. Where’s the help to know how to handle those situations?

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Thanks for your comments, I am now trying to make contact through Rethink to establish if any of the groups are meeting in my locality.
Having had some 12 + years experience as the primary carer for my son who is diagnosed with severe schizophrenia I empathise a lot with your comments and feel there is a real need for family support groups dedicated to those with lived experience of caring for family with schizophrenia. I formed a small ‘self help’ group myself in the North West of U.K. and a number of us meet regularly at supermarket cafe to exchange stories and experiences as well as keeping in touch with each other by phone, email etc… we’ve also formed a group on Facebook to share information, interesting stories and advice for each other and I’ve also,reached out to academics and professionals and community organisations and connect with them when I can.
I do agree with you that some training would be a good thing, but the general feeling is with support for schizophrenia that we are very much on our own. As such I would love to be able to build up connections so that we could either do,it ourselves or lobby those with the capability of enabling such training.
I really feel we familirpes and careers have a lot to share and give back, especially to those who are in the early years of caring for those experiencing this terrible illness
Thank you again