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Update on My Son - Good News

For those of you who have been on here a while, you know my son got violent in the middle of July, was hospitalized for about two weeks and since then has been in a juvenile jail facility. I am happy to report that he is doing much better now. The p-doc in the hospital changed his meds. Put him on Zyprexa and Triptetal. He reports voices are much better now. Just his overall demeanor is like that when he was a little boy - loving, thoughtful, pleasant. He is awaiting placement in a group home (not a mental health group home, but court-ordered juvnenile group home that is one-step down from juvenile jail). The place he is going to offers vocational training (such as plumbing, HVAC, electrical, etc.). They also offer life skills training. He is looking forward to going to the group home although he says the conditions where he is at are very good (good food, staff are very nice, decent bed). He will be in the group home probably 7 months. I am optimistic that he can be released and come home to live with us again. My husband, ever the negative one (he’s bipolar, I don’t know if this is typical mindset for bipolar people or just him?) thinks he will “start up again.” He can never give someone the benefit of the doubt and be hopeful that they have changed. We’re complete opposites, can you tell? He will be 18 once he is released so if he should “start up again” we would have the ability to evict him as dreadful as that would be to me. Anyhow, with all the ups and downs of this disease, I wanted to share this light in the tunnel. Wishing everyone a peaceful, relaxing weekend.

10/27: Update for all of you. Last Friday, my son was playing basketball at the juvenile jail facility he was in, went up to sink the ball, landed funny and broke his ankle and both bones in his calf. So they informed over the weekend he would be coming home to recover as the juvenile facility is very small and does not have the facilities to care for someone so injured. He came home this past Monday and I am beyond happy to report, he has been compliant, easy going, and just a joy to be around. He is in extreme pain and is having surgery next week (the surgeon said the ankle fracture was one of the worst he has ever seen, anticipates putting 4 screws in his ankle), however, he has been a trooper and not one bit of trouble. For those of you that are believers. he was a self-proclaimed atheist, but rediscovered God (my husband and I are believers and raised our kids in the church) while locked up. He said that every night he prayed to God to please, if it was His will, take him home to his family. And he did get to come home (although he will have to go back and complete his time once healed). A little divine intervention? Anyhow, I contribute the changes in him to a few things: 1) He in no longer on his ADHD medication which he had been on in some form since age 6; 2) His anti-psychotic were changed and a mood stablizer added; 3) Prayer and bible reading back in his life.

Anyhow, he says the voices are almost non-existent now. Just wanted to share the good news.


That’s great news! I hope it continues to get better! I’m glad you kept him on the juvi jail, although it was hard.:rose:


That’s great news!

Zyprexa & Trileptal are great drugs. I wish they had tried to pair a mood stabilizer with the Zyprexa for my son when he was on it. Instead, they kept trying to add anti-depressants that didn’t do much of anything.

The training sounds awesome too. Maybe all of this was a blessing in disguise & he’ll do well from here on out.


Thank you for sharing the good news. I’m glad your son is doing better and back to being himself.

They stabilized my family member with zyprexa for six or seven months and then shifted to risperdal for injections. It went really well.

I’m also excited your son has some opportunities for learning; that can be so positive and give focus besides the illness.

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This is fantastic and I’m so happy for you and your son. I think learning a trade is an excellent thing for him to persue. Is he excited about it? Sort of sounds like it. Thank you for sharing.

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Hi Lisa
I am new to the group. I will send you positive vibes. And hope always for the best!

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Really good news LisaS! I was just wondering about your family the other day and hoping all was going well:):):slight_smile:

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Sounds all good, hope it continues.

Wow so happy for you. Your story gives me hope. Thank you for sharing! xo

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So happy to hear all this good news!! Hope the surgery goes well

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