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First time in a year to socialize

Hi, I am feeling good today because my son had an old friend from high school come over and they actually went for a drive to video game store to look at stuff. He hasn’t gotten in a car with anyone but his sister and mostly me in a long time. Yesterday he had what we call an episode, where he gets anxiety and hears voices. He takes his meds early when this happens and it usually stops in a few hours, but makes him very tired. I was pleasantly surprised when this friend texted him today and he wanted to hang out. The friend is very nice and understanding about his sz, Anyways, they played video games and hung out at our place. With this disease it is the little things that make your day and give you hope and make this rough journey seem bearable. I am kind of new to this, so I always feel like there is going to be another setback coming up, but I sure feel glad about today. By the way, my son usually spends a lot time in his room on his computer watching shows and sleeping. Have any of you have your loved become more social as time goes on?


The social times come and go with my son…he often went to AA meetings with friends from AA for a long time and then suddenly stopped, I am hoping he will return in time as everyone liked him a lot and it was a good source of socialization and often would lead to an invite to a cookout or a birthday party etc…

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Yeah… that seems to be the case with my son, he only gets social very occasionally.


My son has slowly become more social and has even been going to parties and to friend’s houses this summer. He’s been doing a lot with his co-workers. I know he must still hear a voice or voices because he talks to himself in the shower and punches the walls when we aren’t home, but he hides it and has managed to make a lot more new friends. It’s been a year since he began treatment. He also has zero acceptance that he has sz and refuses to believe anyone who tells him otherwise. Going out with friends is a double-edged sword because he uses pot and drinks, but he is more social than he was.