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Fnding and reviewing in house treatment centers

I am wondering if anyone in the United States has had a loved one successfully complete a program in an in house recovery center. I have found several but there are no reviews or successs stories about. A lot of them are on the East or West Coast. There are a couple in Colorado and Arizona. I am very interested in a place called Earth House in New Jersey. Most of these are very expensive and treatment usually takes a year. They help people with diet, mindfulness, various therapies, getting jobs ect. But I don’t know that I want to send my son to a place where I don’t know anything about. I would of course check them out before taking him there, but what happens once I am not around. I had him in a treatment center in Boulder CO a couple of years ago and after a month the care they provided became very scarce and I was very disappointed, so reluctant to try again. They just seemed to be at a loss as to what to do and expected him to live indepentenly and they monitored him. Thats what I was doing at home and I would like him to have some in depth therapy, coaching on a daily basis. Anyone have any success stories with a treatment center?

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I hope someone answers your great question.

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I also would love to know of residential dual diagnosis treatment centers that have good reviews.

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Given the small number of people these places typically hold - and their high cost - the chances that anyone here has experience with them is low. I would contact the NAMI office closest to the in-house treatment center you’re interested in and perhaps there are people in the local community that have some knowledge about the center.

For example - the Earthhouse - is close to Trenton, Newark, etc - so call all the NAMI offices in cities somewhat close to the center.

I did a search on New Jersey NAMI - and see there are quite a few:

Thank you that is a very good idea!

I placed my 23 year old son in a 3 week in house program in a psyche hospital in Missouri . There was a assisted living facility nearby with transportation back to the hospital. He did a 1 year out patient intensive program (3 days a week) to address the SZ issues and the drug addition issues. Call Centerpoint Hospital in St. Charles, Missouri. I was very pleased !

He was on a fairly good medicine cocktail when he arrived (after a month of acute care) that they tweaked when he went in. He had tried recovery 2 other times without the proper psyche support and that was un-successful.

It has been almost 3 years since, and he is very stable and drug free. I moved him to a more urban setting for some further growth.

If this interests you, let me know what other questions you have.
Best of luck…


Thank you for your recommendation! Really appreciate!