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Friend and smoking


I’m frustrated with my friend’s weed addiction. He is on meds and seems fine when he doesn’t smoke, yet
he continues even though it makes his brain go to an ugly place and speak in a monologue and mostly about
how bad he has it with sz.
Should I distance myself from him? Others have done so, and it doesn’t seem to accomplish anything.
Thank you for reading.

Is it even legal to smoke marijuana where you live? That’s problem number one - always respect the laws of the land. I don’t hang out with people that are into illegal drug use, despite the fact that all of my younger siblings were into it. It made it harder for me too, unnecessarily so…

I think if you have to ask you already know the answer.
This friend seems like a real downer to hang out with. The choice is yours. Maybe you could talk to him about the issue?

When I think back on others dismay at my drug abuses, I think that it was not really a true waste of time in that it just took me a long time to realize that what I was doing to myself was not getting me anywhere but to this realization , so in fact nothing is really wasted in that sense. It just takes a long time for some people to realize the things that they just can not change by doing those bad things over and over again and expecting different results is in fact really futile. This is a well known definition of insanity. We are just stubborn and have to find out for ourselves the hard way, but finding out the truth is what is most important to discover of ourselves for ourselves to be sure in a world where trust is not so prevalent. It seems to me anyway.

We’ve talked about it many times because when the effects of the weed are gone, he talks about wanting to quit. I would understand it if it made him feel
better, but it doesn’t.
Thank you all for answering.

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[quote=“tryingtolearn, post:5, topic:33369”]
I would understand it if it made him feel
better, but it doesn’t. [/quote]

It’a probably more complex than that… but it doesn’t sound like you enjoy hanging out with him when he’s high, so why do you do it? Would you spend time with loud drunk people if you didn’t like loud drunk people?

As it often seems to be the case when people are addicted, he has been lying about it during the last three months. I thought he had stopped

until, yesterday, he was not longer able to hide it from me or didn’t want to. That’s why I was frustrated. Thank you for replying.

I see. Well it’s understandable that you’re frustrated. But ultimately I think you have to put yourself first. Even if you plan on helping him. You can consider telling him you don’t want to be with him or talk with him when he’s high. Doesn’t seem like you want to hang out with him or like you can help him much when he’s in that state of mind.

Some info that might be relevant…
When he’s not high the weed will not make him paranoid or generally act like a high person (my experience). The high lasts about 1 hour but lingers for maybe 4. The long term effects are mainly dulling of cognitive abilities and inactivity/apathy (but my schizophrenia does this so much more than weed, you can’t even compare them).

If you want to help him, that’s great. If you could get him to stop smoking weed that would most likely also be great. But it affects everyone differently. It’s not necessarily worse than drinking even if you have sz. But for a lot of people (most?) it is. The best thing to do, of course, is normally to not use or abuse either weed, alcohol or harder drugs… or benzos, opiates, sleeping pills, etc.

You can help him when he’s not high if you want to. Distancing yourself from him probably won’t help him. But put yourself first, then help him if you can.