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"Game-changing" new schizophrenia drug passes Phase 2 human trials By Rich Haridy


Wow… several decades… and 5 more years until possible release.

The problem was that the drug caused unacceptable adverse effects in the other organs. This time they found a antidote that does not cross brain blood barrier. So the antidote works only outside the brain, the antipsychotic drug works on the brain. So it took several decades to find the combination.

I am grateful for the explanation. Thank you for posting. The hope that a new medicine brings lightens the stress of this illness in the broad scheme of things.

My comment was really of surprise that it takes sooooo long to develop a new antipsychotic. My daughter is doing well on one of the oldest medicines, haldoperidol, after trying at least 5 others in earlier hospitalizations. Of course my fear is what happens if it stops working in the future.

I am glad to read of new research.

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