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Giving up / depression

I’m certain that i wasn’t quite conscious of this until a therapist told me ‘do you know you are falling to your right?’ Yesterday

I dont know if it is all the little giving ups of me being schizophrenic and needing so much support
and the incapacity for everything normal

I feel like it is also the more acute not knowing what to do anymore in this life…
Functioningly bored of everything and huge lack of motivation which doesn’t usually plague me

Also having detached in the last few days that my sister may well die unweĺl and i can’t stop it
Alcoholic and mentally ill and going to crown court in March

Giving up on life / depression
Big topic and I’m not sure where I am with it now
I have certainly only just started finding my own strength

Sorry I’m also a hell of a navel gazer

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Navel Gaziing? Had to look that one up! Ahhh…ones self contemplating. I can relate to over thinking. Glad you are here on this forum, we can offer each other some encouragement. You sound very well, your words and thoughts are clear-headed. And reaching out is also a healthy sign that you are okay.
I’m going to give you the mom talk, get up, get showered, make some breakfast and go out, even if you just walk around a grocery store, get some fresh air. I find getting out of my own environment really helps the mood. We had a little snow last night! Beautiful trees
Take care, AnnieNorCal



Thanks Annie so much for your words
It could all just be the ancient ‘tragedy script’ as a decision age 7 in transactional analysis
Falling to the right is definitely a feature of giving up
In realising something in my body that is like this it makes me want to fight on be strong in the world

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Thanks for the mum talk
I do have the capacity to wash shop cook etc but just something inside me feels like I have been sending my energies the wrong way

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its’ so beautiful where you are
how many months of snow do you get there??
or is this unusual?