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Depressed and alone


Im depressed, i have no motivation to do anything and i just dont care. My mom has SZ and she was on a medication that has been working for her but the doctors recently took her off of it thinking she just had a psychotic episode caused by depression but none of us think this is true. Ive been feeling depressed for about one or two years now but it just has recently gotten really bad, i have so many things to do especially because its senior year but i dont care because i know if i get the things done i need to it wont matter because i still have all these problems at home. i really cant do it anymore i feel so alone and i need a break. just looking for some support and encouraging words.


Please talk to someone, a trusted teacher, neighbor, school counselor. You can google mental health services in your county. Please help yourself then you can worry about your mother. She is seeing a doctor so hopefully they will do the right thing. You sound like a wonderful, caring person for your mother. We all care on this forum. Please take care of yourself . Enjoy this your senior year. I will say a prayer for you.


This illness is alot for anyone at any age to wrap their head around. I’m sorry that you are so young and having to deal with your mom. Not fair that you have not had a normal childhood.
I hope that you can find someone to confide in, it sounds like you could really use a different perspective.
I wish I had a son that I could talk to like you. My son (our son and my girls brother) is very ill. I wish he was okay but he’s not. I guess my point is that we are all here on this site because of a loved one.
Take care of yourself and find some help, either NAMI or a counselor.
Sincerely, AnnieNorCal


I am so sorry you are having to experience this illness in your family. First of all, you are not responsible for your Mom, although I commend you for your desire to be. And you CAN be helpful, but you need to take care of yourself. I also concur with suggestions already shared in this post, and also suggest that you see if there is a NAMI Family-to-Family class in your area. The next one may not be again until January or February. There are also Family Support Groups that can be very helpful and I’m certain they would love to help and encourage you. Look up your state info at If you are not able to do this now, please hang on to this info for later. This is a life long illness, but you need to take care of you if you want to be able to help your mom in the future. Finishing your education and staying healthy can be an important part of that.


I have 2 daughters, one has sz and bipolar, another has depression and anxiety. Some days it can be very tough, and I realized that most of my worries were about their future. I also learned that the problems are surmountable as they come. And if I don’t worry so much about the future and take things as they come, I am a lot happier and so are my children. Looking back, I probably didn’t have to worry so much and just work on the issues as they arise. The best part of being happy is an IoT project I am working on which I have very little experience. My best days are when I learnt something new or found a solution to a vexing problem.

My best wishes to you and your family.


Do you have access to CBD?


Don’t give up see if you can get any local support we’re allways here for you :heart:


Thus point in time will pass, even if you loved the way things are right now they will change. Do not give up ever!! You may look at this situation right now as hopeless, unfair, etc. but your home life may be your biggest learning opportunity that is shaping you to feel compassion and empathy. You have a beautiful future it’s right around the corner , when you feel down just “do the next right thing,” keep moving in the right direction and you will reach peace and prosperity. Offer up your suffering, you are sewing many good seeds.


Be kind to yourself. The mental illness your mother suffers from has no cure. Hopefully, her doctor will get her stabilized. You MUST learn to cope, give yourself happy moments, and try to find others to talk to who will understand. Hugs. I used to think that life was fair, I no longer do, as sz is so very unfair to all concerned.