Group home?

Hi my name is Jackie and i am new here but not new on trying to understand what is best for my 30 year old sz son, he was diagnosed over 6 years ago in prison time he was doing for marijuana. He has had a couple episodes that have sent him to institution and then group homes. He wanted to come home so i have tried everything in my power to help him. Now i am his only safe place and i watch him go through all of the symptoms regularly… he has become so independent on me that i have no time for myself , my husband or other family. I am tired and know that i can’t keep this up forever. there are no resourses in our small town. and i wonder how to find a group home with services greatly needed by him and me.

You can try your closest NAMI chapter, a local mental health clinic, or a drop-in center. Any of those places should have information about services in your area. You county government most likely has a mental health department, they can help as well.

If you want him to live at home… but need some help and a break… have you thought of going to his doc and asking if there is a day hospital or day center in the area?

Or if his doc has some resources that could help?

Well there’s one solution but it’s rather drastic.You could move somewhere where there are more resources OR check out resources in nearby towns. When I first got sick my parents put me in a psyche ward that was a hundred miles away and after a week there they drove back up to visit me.

Check out
They can pull up any services that are closest to your area.
Maybe there is someone close to you that can give you some time off if you paid them?