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Guardianship - a lot of how and what questions

As usual the more you look into something the more questions come up.

When I first contacted a lawyer where I live I was told the best option was to contact the guardianship office where my son is, have them get guardianship then me get it back from them. Apparently it doesn’t work that way…

Where I live it’s substitute decision maker (if he agrees) and guardianship if by means of mental incompetency. And this is just for personal and health care matters, nothing financial. That’s power of attorney.

Where my son is it’s private committee. If he agrees it’s a section 9 for personal and health care and a section 7 or power of attorney for finances.

Now I’m waiting to hear back from a lawyer at the guardianship office because getting guardianship done there doesn’t mean I will have guardianship when I come back here…

I am not surprised but–~!@#$%

Oh that is too bad about the area difference. My guardianship is for health and personal only, but it remains in force as long as he is in the states. It is unfortunate and was very painful because the incompetent part was deemed and/or part of the guardianship, even though he agreed. It is not for the faint at heart, but in dire circumstances the most loving thing you can do. I have no regrets

I’ve often wondered what it entails. It sounds like a stressful process.

I’m not really sure how it works over there… I know that if he is hospitalized and you can tell the doctor you would like to have him on temporary conservatorship. It is called LPS conservatorship and it last a year …They will file all the paperwork to go to court