How is everyone's family doing today?

My kid Sis has a doctors appointment today to check weight and bone density. I’m expecting good news. I have one brother who I went camping with and he told me he’s been fighting off some mental health issues all this time, but he’s going to get a handle on it and he’s looking much happier about existence.

I have two other brothers who are crumbling at different rates. But my sis and I have been happily out of the loop and keeping in contact with our parents just enough that they know we’re Ok, but we’re not IN the loop.

I feel bad for that a bit. Maybe I should be more in the loop. But at the same time, after yesterday, I don’t think I would have had the energy to care or even listen to what was happening to someone else. I’m doing better today.

The kid sis has just been working and coming straight home and doing homework this week as a way to stay out of the loop. I’m afraid to turn on the phone because I know the loop is waiting.

So I was wondering… how are other people’s families doing today.

Hugs to you and your sis. You guys seem to have a good thing going there. As for your brothers, I certainly wish them all the best as well.

Maybe you can point them towards healthy resources for whatever issues they are having.

My son returned to school again today and I hope things go well there. I am in standby mode and I can’t wait for his doctors appointment this Saturday. Otherwise, all seems to be okay today.

One brother is on the way to Santa Barbara to go to an orchid show. Last time he came back with a car and trunk full of orchids. The other is on the way back from Washington DC with his wife + soon t be graduated from college at last daughter - spring break. I’m doing the same as always. We have more or less flown the nest, as it is no longer tended + on good terms with each other.

My daughter is doing good. Getting up for school anyways since her step-mom is now at home :wink: A lot harder to sleep in when a parental figure is around.

My son is holding… Seems to be slipping in a couple of things but still doing good. Is supposed to start class for his GED at the YMCA on Monday. Will see how that goes. :worried:
Just waiting for his nurse to show up. Will see how this goes as he wants to increase or double up on one of his meds instead of taking it as prescribed. The reason for this isn’t clear so I think addiction is poking it’s ugly head again although I think nicotine buzzes are triggering it this time.

Hubby is at work. I’m on my 10th day of Champix to quit smoking… holy nausea and dreams. Chewing on some pepto :thumbsup:

10th day of quitting smoking? :smiley: That is great news. The odd dreams would get me too. I hate it when my food smells or tastes like tobacco. I know it’s just because my head wants more nicotine. But I still don’t like it.
Congratulations on day 10. :thumbsup: :tada:

You found some GED classes at the Y. :smiley:
The YMCA helped me out a lot in my life. All of us were Y kids. I am always amazed at the HUGE amount of stuff they offer. No one knows about their food banks or their community services, after school programs, everyone just thinks of them as a gym. Here in our city they do a lot of programs for foster homes and life skill classes.

I’m glad he’s getting ready for his GED. Is it a one on one tutoring or is it a group?

Not quit yet lol. Supposed to be on the Champix for 8-35 days before actually quitting. So I’m in this in-between of still wanting to smoke but it’s making me sick because the Champix is blocking whatever neurotransmitters nicotine works on. But ya it’s beginning to smell yukky too. I think today may have to be last day smoking if I want the nausea to get under control.

I find it odd that I have to be the one telling my son’s workers about the Y. They don’t know that the Y offers schooling. It’s a class room but everyone is working on their own thing with a tutor there to help. I think 2 tutors for the morning and 3 for the evening class. So it’s 2 days a week for 3 hours each class and 4 hours of homework for a total of 10 hours per week. Plus he can go the gym part at a discounted monthly pass so I’m really hoping he will start to meet some new people who have better goals then just gaming and drinking :smiley:

Lots and lots of people don’t know the Y offers all that it does. This is off topic, but I thought this was the COOLEST thing ever!

When the twin towers were hit, the YMCA in New York IMMEDIATELY looked up all the kids in their programs and got with the schools to see which parents worked in those ill fated buildings and they got crisis teams mobilized to meet the kids after school that day so the kids just wouldn’t be waiting for parent’s who sadly weren’t coming. Sad, but wow…

No one knows they have a kick butt food bank or everything else they do. I am a very big fan of the Y.
I’m also a huge fan of libraries and community centers too. They really are the hidden gate way to a lot of social services.

Doing pretty good today. I talked with my son over a week ago about what will happen if he is not able to start meeting some of the minimum expectations at the residence he is at now. He has chosen to do better! He is taking his medications on schedule, and went for intake to start services and case management at the local mental health center. He called me this morning. While his thoughts are disorganized, he was pleasant and expressed appreciation. I’d call that pretty good.

My son had a first meeting with his new at home teacher on tuesday and lessons were to begin on Wednesday at 4pm so he decides to stay up all night so he would be asleep or moody as heck at that time I spoke to the teacher and postponed it until Friday He was awake all of last night too so is now asleep at 9am .All of it intentional as he finds any communication contact so stressful thats obvious So im not great today …

Is he up all night on a computer? If it’s internet then disconnecting it may work. He will be too bored to stay awake :wink: Hope it works out for Friday.

If i disconnected his computer he would get violent im sure perhaps not to me but anything around him… he is also 200 plus pounds and 5 9 inched at just 13 He is always on line not gaming so much but tweeter research etc …thanks for the tip though !!

It sounds like you have a lot going in your family plus keeping things on a positive keel. Good that your brother is keeping a handle on his mental health issues and I think it’s positive that he understands that he has them. Sometimes folks are in denial about struggling with mental health issues because of social stigma or just plain denial.

I use to come on this forum years ago when one of my children became ill with a mental illness. In the beginning it was very tough for me because I felt so alone and I had to find the help my family member needed. It’s been several years now and my daughter is doing well. She still has her down days but she is able to advocate for herself now. She calls her pdoc when she is not feeling well and is able to communicate to her doctor what she needs. It has been a very long road to get to this point but I’m grateful she can now live independently.

Just thought I would post a little story about my evening yesterday - cuz we all have to laugh sometimes -

Got home yesterday, My husband Fred was sitting in his recliner, blissfully watching tv, The dog was running in and out of the laundry room because that is where his food dish is, and he was falling down. Looked in there and pretty much just was stunned. A brand new, Costco-sized bottle of detergent didn’t just fall down off the shelf - it first landed on the top of the dryer, must have landed on the lid, which shattered, and spewed detergent on multiple walls, and then continued to tumble to the floor, and landed upside down - of course - so that the entire contents could drain out.

I hollered for Fred, and asked him how he missed this. He said, well, I smelled something, I thought you had plugged in a new air freshener, I kept looking for it, it smelled really good.

We got it cleaned up together, and I had trouble going to sleep, I kept chuckling about the absurdity of the situation!

lol! Thanks for the laugh. I can just picture that scenario. It sounds just like something my husband would say. Men are funny creatures :smiley:

My daughter and her family are doing great. I walked 5 miles today.

All working miles away -

My parents are actually participating in family therapy run by the social workers at the local psych hospital. Its going good so far.

My brother took me to his house (don’t have a car). On the way I bought chicken grit + sand for my plants. Once there I arranged my mother’s momentos in two shadow boxes for him. We stopped at an antique store and he bought me a couple of burgers to take home for supper.

That sounds like a nice day. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Pob, sounds like you have a variety of interests.

Sister is fine we chatted on facebook about our brother. Dad is ok,he phoned, but worried about my brother.

Brother is anyone’s guess. It was his birthday on 18th March, i phoned several times as did my father- no reply. Father and i have tried since- no response. It has been over 2 months since i spoke to him . He used to phone me fairly regularly. Sister who lives near him is going to try and get him on Saturday but they are not on good terms and last time she saw him he was very off with her.
Last time we talked he mentioned seeing pdoc about being depressed and doctor said he wouldn’t given him pills but arrange therapy.