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Hallucinations son , 32, just had hallucinations and was admitted

two weeks ago, my 32 year old son started hearing torment voices, took to Woodhull Hospital Brooklyn. They said ellevated enezymes and maybe high iron and high copper. They gave him INVEGA 10 days ago. He had another episode last night, No signs prior to a few weeks ago. WOW!

Is the Invega working?

No diagnosis of mental illness?

Invega? Hmmm. I wonder what the most effective medications are for the more severe hallucinations your son is experiencing…I was put on Invega before I switched doctors, and it didn’t work and the list of side effects was massive.

The Invega is not working. They put him on something else that does doe spuke rnzymens as much. I am flying to NYC to see him Sunday

Th e doctors can not get a handle on his high iron level in his blood. Doctors took him off Invega yesterday . I do not know what they put him on. I am flying to NYC Sunday to see him. He is scared, confised and fades in and out of milder hallucinations now.

No Diagnosis of metal illness and No history of elevated iron in blood. I think they will look at Wilson’s disease with Biopsy of liver.

I have read there are a lot of other things that can cause hallucinations…Like lyme disease, other medications ect. make sure they do testing on him to make sure it’s not anything else that is causing the hallucinations…

Thanks Pattywagon, I got NYC Presbiterian Hospital late yesterday. My son seems normal buy has aniexity about the two days of hallucinations. They have him now on Olanzapine. His carbon monoxie level is high but he smoked lots of cigareets when having the anievity. Also they tell me his eneymzes are really high: over 900??? Hope to meet with his doctor who is still running test. I need to read about LYme disease . Anyother disease suggested? thks j

Don’t jump to Schizophrenia until all physical causes of psychosis are eliminated.
Schizophrenia usually gives some warning signs and just does not pop up out of the blue.

Thanks KatWomansz, Can you offer some physical causes to look for? I am willing to do research reading so I can aske better questions. I understand Wilsons disease, I heard talk about Hemochromtosis, Suggestions?

Hope your son is feeling better now.

I hope the doctors found the organic cause of your sons symptoms. Did they even mention schiz? You have to have psychosis for six months until a psychiatrist will diagnose schiz.