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How did your loved ones adjust to not having hallucinations?

My daughter’s doctor adding Abilify to the Invega injections a few weeks ago and she says she has never, ever gone 3 weeks without either auditory or visual hallucinations. She says she has had these hallucinations since she was about 3 - 4 years old. I believe her, she talked about a caped man in the form of a shadow in her room at that age a lot. While I think that is great news, she says she is a bit frightened because the hallucinations were a way of coping with stress. She had a very uncaring father who screamed all the time. Dad has not been a part of her life for several years now. She is working with a therapist on this issue. Does anyone have loved ones who actually missed the hallucinations? We could really use the insite.


I think they might miss being special, the mania, and probably the voices become familiar friends. My son has no other friends so is it wouldn’t strike me odd that he has invented some.

My son is on a Invega Sustenna (234mg) and Zyprexa (5mg) and he is still talking to himself. What dose is your daughter on and how long has she been on these meds?

She is also on Invega Sustenna (234mg) for about a year plus Abilify was added a few weeks ago. She says it was adding the Abilify that took her hallucinations away. She had a hard time taking Zyprexa and gained a lot of weight and had high blood pressure and shakiness. How long has your son been taking Invega and Zyprexa?

My son was on Invega Sustenna from 2014-2015, he had returned to work and stable but unfortunately he decided to stop all meds. His symptoms returned in three months. He agreed to restart his injection after two hospitalizations in 2016 but the dose his higher and he is not as stable as before. Trileptal was added six months after restarting the Invega. The pdoc after much convincing added Zyprexa two months ago. He is still hallucinating and delusional at times. How long was your daughter on Zyprexa? What dose is she on for the Abilify?

Also, My son’s appetite has increased tremendously…one of the side effects of Zyprexa.

My daughter took Zyprexa when she was 12 - 13 years old and it didn’t work and caused bad side effects. She also was on took Trileptal for awhile and it didn’t work. Her doctor started her her on Ability injections almost a month ago to be taken once a month until it is proven she can take it well and then it will go to one injection every 3 months. She says the hallucinations that were gone for over 3 weeks are just now starting to return, but not as bad as before the Abilify. I has almost been a month though since her last injection. She will be taking another one soon. I hope this is going to continue to work well for her.

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So she is on Two injections a month until Abilify is switched to every three months