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Happy Mother’s Day - to all of us across the world

Whether you have been with us for a long time and for various reasons can’t post, whether you are here with a newly diagnosed loved one (we are so very sorry) whether you have been successful in your relative getting on meds and getting them back out “there”, whether you have them in meds but it’s still not enough, whether you got them on meds, saw results and then they stopped taking their meds, whether you live in fear at times, whether from worrying about them or your own safety, whether you are one of the members that shares your own personal experiences taming scz, and to the finest people I know, those of you who share regularly - it can be embarrassing at times but every word is helpful to someone, somewhere, someday, those who monitor and respond in urgent situations, and basically keep this forum significant- Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Okay- who did I leave out?



I think you covered just about all of us :slight_smile: Happy Mother’s Day to you as well Hope. At the very least, may we all find a little peace today, knowing that we are doing everything we can as Mom’s, to support our loved one’s, and find comfort in that. No matter what situation they are in, they would be worse off without us warriors beside them.


And I hope that the fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, sisters and brothers who take part in “mothering” our family members feel included as well.

Most likely on US Father’s Day I will be too busy trying to distract my husband from being upset about not being able to talk to Jeb to find time to post. Better get everybody now.


Happy Mother’s Day to you too Hope! Thanks for all your support!


Happy Mother’s Day to all of you…
we all deserve a Crown and lots of appreciation due all the struggle and anxiety and heartache that each one of us have been enduring in the past number of years and going on… God bless you all.


Happy Mother’s Day to you all. This is my first time posting from the Twilight Zone! I try to laugh instead of crying!


Happy Mothers Day to all us Moms on forum, we are in a tough situation, but it is definitely a labor of love dealing with an adult child with sz. We love them so much and yes they do eventually realize that and appreciate it.


Yes Happy Mothers Day to all!! Especially to anyone (like me) who did not hear a word from their child today. I miss my adult son so much. This day should be happy but I have a deep sadness in my heart.


I wish I had a recording of just one of his Mother’s Day calls from college. I think if I looked at childhood Mother’s Day cards it would be a bit sad.

Like @vcp, I really prefer love with laughter.

Nailed it.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone…

I am bothered that I used the phrase “taming scz”.

We don’t get to tame the illness - sadly, it’s not ours to tame. We sometimes get to help our family members in their struggle, yet, we really don’t understand how difficult it is for our family members.

All of their struggles are heroic.

First of all I sincerely hope everyone has had the best Mother’s Day possible. As for me, after caring for my son alone for 34 years, about 18 of that while he has had disorganized schizophrenia. Surviving the physical and emotional assaults, addictive behaviors, thieving and destruction and so much stress, fear and sadness…hearing the hate filled speech of his delusions …these past few years of remarkable wellness and stability have been a truly welcomed oasis in my life and (I imagine) in his as well. Getting this special Mother’s Day card surprise from him this Sunday was all the thanks I will ever need…it made me cry…really happy tears…I hope it’s okay that I shared…no one else would understand as well, my utter happiness and gratitude when I received this.


Beautiful! Thank you for sharing that!

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Beautiful Care Catherine from your son. I am happy for you.

The family friend who is visiting my son get a card and made my Son Sign with " Love John"
and mailed it to me. it is such as nice Gesture from the family friend. He is a blessing in my life and in my son’s life.
I often sit and read the Happy Mother’s day notes written my my son prior to his diagnosed and enjoy his words and I cry at times since he is far away. I pray for him to get better with the right medicine.
He is now safe in a Hospital in California and will be moving to Rehabilitation Facility soon.
I will be visiting him at the end of this month and I am hoping he will accept to see me
Keep us in your prayers…


Beautiful Card Catherine from your son. He has a good choice of colors and themes and words… Thanks for sharing…

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I hope that your son will agree to your visit and that the visit will be very rewarding for you and your son.

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