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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!


Anybody else having a family sit-down meal?..

There’ll be about 16 of us tomorrow night. Perhaps I’ll try and snap a few picks and post them here later.

Turkey, ham, squash. peas, gravy, potatoes, salad, pumpkin pie, wine, beer…think we’re all set! :slight_smile:


thanksgiving? it aint even halloween yet

we have this grocery store where you go over to the hot food section and it says “Thanksgiving Every Night!” and they have turkey, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, etc… all right there for you.



You nutty Canucks!

Happy Thanksgiving, Patrick. You have a lovely family and much to be thankful for. Hope it all goes off without a hitch. And if there is a hitch or two, you’re perfectly placed to spin it for comedic effect.


When we first got an NHL team here in Ottawa, the public servants kept expecting a paid one hour lunch in between the 2 fifteen minute breaks!

(rim shot)


Do you follow hockey? If so, who’s your team? Or did you manage to remain uninfected, like Pixel?


Can’t watch the NHL anymore…I call it ‘gorilla pinball’. It bores me to tears.


DJing a dance tomorrow evening. ($$$, baby.)

Visiting in-laws Sunday. Why? Because the last thing we’d want to do is enjoy a holiday.