2 hours t minus seconds until Turkey time!

I am so excited. We are excited! I helped Angie cook today and chopped the onion and celery for the dressing and peeled all the potatoes for the mashed potatoes. she is obviously an expert at basting the turkey. it’s amazing. Anybody got time right now to post how their holiday is going?

It’s about 7:00 a.m. where I’m sitting and my Dad, Uncles, two of my brothers, some cousins are getting ready to head out in a few hours to go fishing. We’re hoping the wind dies down.

If we don’t catch anything… My Mom and Aunts and sis already bought Salmon at the market.

Did some cleaning and packing this morning. Waiting now for my brother, sister, and step-father to come over and help me finish everything for the move tomorrow. Lunch should be here soon as well.

No holiday up north I’m afraid, but I don’t suppose a person should confine being thankful to just one day per year. Thinking of making vindaloo beef curry for dinner. Snowing like a bugger right now and I’ve already shoveled 3x since 4 am. Just came back from helping teach NASP (archery) at the school this morning. Last week we had three junior high students show up. This week we had twenty-two! So the day is off to a good start. :smile:


Take Off To the Great White North !! (no, you take off you hoser.) beauty eh? haha that’s all the canadian I know…love Bob and Doug McKenzie though.