Who are you spending Thanksgiving with?


All of my family is in Tennessee, and I’m in Texas. I won’t be able to see them this holiday season. And all of my friends are spending thanksgiving with their families.

It’s just going to be me and my dog. Thank God for him :slight_smile:

Who are you spending the holiday with?


I’m sorry your family is so far away. I hope you get to enjoy the day. What breed is your dog?

My family has a tradition of trying to salmon fish for Thanksgiving. All the guys: Dad, the three younger brothers, some uncles and I. Mom, some Aunts and the sis hang out without us.

But there are so many seals out by then that we never catch anything, and after being cold for hours, we give up and buy some salmon from the market. The kid sis gets tired of all the aunts critiquing so she grabs her surf board, my favourite cousin, throws on the wetsuit and goes surfing. I usually join in on that. Puget Sound is usually choppy enough to surf. Or the cousin, the sis, and I take off for a park.


Wow, that sounds like a great way to spend the holiday! So glad you’re able to be with your loved ones.

I talked to a few of my friends today, and 2 of them are coming over on the day after thanksgiving. They’re going to bring me some good food. That’ll make it feel like a happy holiday for me!

My dog is a Jack Russell terrier. I’ve had him for 11 years now! He’s very obedient and super sweet. He’s definitely family to me. Very thankful for him, and my good friends.

Thanks for responding!



@radmedtech I’m sorry that your not going to be able to spend Thanksgiving with your family. But it sounds like you have a great furry friend =] I had a jack russel until she passed away of old age and she was such a great dog! My thanksgiving there are going to be 19 people at my bfs house and my parents are going to have just a small gettogether of only 3 people. I’m glad that one will be small. Now the 19 people I"m sure my paranoia will kick in and I’ll be on the outlands of it all. @SurprisedJ that sounds like a super fun holiday! It must be warm where you live.


Wow, that sounds like a busy thanksgiving day!

I think it would be hard for me to be around 19 people in one house. I hope you can manage it without it triggering you.

My ex used to take me to his family get-togethers for every holiday. There were always 30+ people there (his sister lived in a McMansion lol). And not all of them spoke English. It was very stressful for me.

But it was always good to be around people for the holidays at least. I think next year, I’ll fly home to be with my family.

Thanks for responding!




I have two invitation for Thanksgiving. My younger sister house with my other sister and my brothers and some of there family. Over thirty people and over one hundred thirty miles to drive one way.
My other invitation is with my friend and three or four other people that I know. Only seven miles away one way.
I told my sister I was already invited down here. I told my friend I was suppose to go to my sister house.
What I will be doing is going out to eat. And then taking Yosemite my Great Dane on a long hike. On one of the many trails near where I live. It is what I have done the last couple of years. I’m looking forward to it.

From the country Ridgerunner


I’m glad you have your dog there to spend time with. And that’s an awesome name too!

I had a Great Dane named Louie. He had ice blue eyes. He was a great dog, but he had a short life. His kidneys started failing when he was 4. It was very sad. But it makes me all the more thankful for my little terrier Jackson.

I hope you and your dog enjoy a happy and healthy thanksgiving! With many more to come.




Yosemite is five now. He was named after the ship I served on.
I’m sorry to here about Louie dying at such a young age. That the problem with large dogs, they have such a short life span.
Yosemite had both of his knees operated on. I hope he lives long enough for me to pay off his surgery bill.
Firearm deer season just got over Tuesday. Yesterday we went and visit the local nursing home. So we have not been on a hike for awhile now. So I’m looking forward to it.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving.



Thanks Ridgerunner! Happy Thanksgiving!