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Has anyone heard of D-Serine

I recently read an article about a study done regarding the use of a supplement called D-Serine. It is supposed to help with the negative symptoms of schizophrenia. My daughter has more flat unmotivated days on the envega shot, but she has worked her way through most of the drugs.

Yes - there are quite a few studies on it - you can view them on

Generally - from what I’ve read, I think sarcosine seems to be more effective than d-serine (they target the similar brain receptors and have similar effects).

Here is one such study comparing them:


Six weeks of treatment with sarcosine (2 g/d), D-serine (2 g/d), or placebo and concomitant optimal risperidone therapy.


This first short-term treatment study on NMDA receptor-enhancing agents suggests that sarcosine, superior to D-serine, can benefit not only patients with long-term stable disease but also acutely ill persons with schizophrenia. This finding indicates that a glycine transporter 1 inhibitor may be more efficacious than NMDA-glycine site agonists for adjuvant treatment of schizophrenia, at least during the acute phase. Further studies are needed.


Full Research Paper (Free Download PDF):

Thank you for this information, now I know which one to try. My daughter is pretty stable on envaga shot once a month, but cognitive issues are hard for her. I will let this topic know how it works. Thank you.