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The advertisement at the top of the forum page caught my eye - anybody tried it?


Jeez…not another Sarcosine thread.


Just asking.
I will search for other threads.
Given that it on the forum page, I thought there might be some good feedback on it. I had never heard of it.


Here are some other people’s comments and discussion on Sarcosine:


My son has a big interest in supplements, and if there is one that would assist his current prescribed meds, I would definitely support him taking it.


There actually is quite a bit of scientific evidence that Sarcosine helps people, including two randomized, placebo controlled studies out of Harvard, plus others out of Isreal. Here are some links:


and another study:


And a video on the topic by a UCLA professor / MD:

And a summary of the benefits as seen in this slide:


Thank you for the info. We might give it a try.


Another discussion on this topic that is going on in the Medications/Vitamins forum: