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Alternative meds?

Has anyone used or is using an alternative med/meds? If so what is it and how is it working for you? I am already not happy with the side effects from the pharmaceutical ones my son is/has been on. I would almost rather him not take any at all.


I’ll be honest.

Husband wants to try CBD oil.

I don’t.

We have agreed (for now) that I will continue to “follow” the threads of others who are using this. I will forward all the information I can find to husband, and we will take it from there…sometime in the future, and with the pdoc being informed.

I have ethical concerns. I have medical concerns. I don’t trust this.

Husband believes CBD can “heal” the damaged areas of our son’s brain.

I find this scary.
But, am far too mature to admit it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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CBD has helped many here in CO - I don’t know about for sz however. But Charlotte’s web has helped kids with seizures. Some people who have had cancer and take CBD no longer have it (I know of 2 cases). You can get it without the thc in it - it’s just a bit more expensive. One place I went last week, however, told me you can’t get it without 100% thc. I’m a bit confused there.

My son used Chinese herbs for his MI - which helped for a while. These have also helped a friends son (bi-polar) It helps him from hearing voices. For the herbs we had to go to a Doctor who makes up a special formula. We are in Boulder CO.

I’ve just started my son on sarcosine - which I’ve heard helps.


Thanks…good info.

I was tempted to suggest that HUSBAND try out CBD, and not use a child as a guinea pig.

Then…I thought…

Husband meds are working.
We don’t need THAT boat rocked.

What’ya know? Husband suggested that he try it before son. (?!)

We’ll see.

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I’ve tried it but I got the less expensive which had too much thc in it and I got the high as if from regular pot - next time I got the minimum amount and gave that to my son (28). I do need to get some for myself however as my physical therapist said it would help with some of my physical issues. (frozen shoulder and hip issues at the moment). Next time I go I will get myself some. $100 for the absolute minimum of thc in it.


@DianeR, @Squid

I have ordered a bottle from Charolett’s Web after researching and coming across so many. I am hoping this will work better for my son. I will update once we receive it and start it.

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@Alycat Please keep us posted if the cbd helps.

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Sorry it has taken so long to update. We tried the bottle from Charlotte’s Web and seemed to work just as well as meds that had been prescribed. We are now finishing a bottle of softgels from Terry Naturally. The softgels I found at a health food store near us and cost just as much as the oil and seem to be working just as well. He is at the age of puberty so it’s hard to tell sometimes if the weight he has gained is all from the meds prescribed. He looks like a totally different kid than he did 8 months ago. Hope the info helps and again sorry it took so long to update. Hope everyone is doing the best they can.

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