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Has anyone tried EMPowerplus 86 nutrients?


Hey terrific people,

This manufacturer suggests the person can get off their meds which I am guessing is a pipe dream or a rare reality. Yet I also know my son with SZ does not head so healthy so how could nutrients hurt? Has anyone tried this product? If yes, your thoughts?

Grateful for your thoughts — Amy


The nutrients hurt first because they are so darn expensive.

Also, expanding someones hopes in a false manner can be oh so hurtful.

I have schizophrenia. I go to a doctor who speclalizes in OTC nutrients for schizophrenia. Honestly, I take a lots of nutrients. I do well.

If the world would end and all I had around me were EMPowerplus, I’d probably take them.




I appreciate your taking the time to reply; Yes, they are darn expensive. I agree. Since you can help me with better advice, what nutrients did you find more helpful than others and how did you get started and ramp up, if at all.

Thank you - BIG time,



The first doctor I saw I stayed with for ten years. He had two and only two objectives. He wanted me to take the medicine and not smoke pot. It took him ten years, but he was successful.

Eventually, I set about to learn nutrition, and when I found someone who knew more than I did, I let him prescribe. That was like thirty years ago. I have been constantly reassessing what is best for me two or three times a year.

That doctor is a now about 75 years old, and his idol is Linus Pauling who he says worked until he was 93. That’s what my doctor intends to do.

More will be revealed.



We have information on them on our “complementary treatments” page, and here is a short summary: Its a little old, and they might have more information - but the conclusion is still the same from our web site’s standpoint:

In our opinion this product is unproven, with risks and costs that currently outweigh possible benefits. In fact we agree with Dr. Philip Long’s assessment of the product:

“This commercial group (TrueHope/Synergy) has claimed to have discovered a vitamin mixture that has “totally resolved Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Depression, Autism, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia” (quoting from a brochure I received in Vancouver advertising their lecture at Douglas College). These false claims of miraculous cures are a medical fraud - period.”

"Think about it - if there was a vitamin mixture that cured Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Autism etc. - why wouldn’t the recipe for this major discovery just be posted on the Internet so all could benefit. EM Power is just a mixture of commonly used vitamins and minerals that anyone can buy at a local health foods store. Why the big secret? Why won’t EM Power publish what is in their vitamin mixture? You know the answer - money. EM Power is a typical medical scam promising miracle cures. This isn’t the first, and it won’t be the last, of medical frauds that use naive individuals, like Dr. Kaplan, to promote a totally bogus miracle cure for mental illness."
Quote from (Dr. Philip Long), the psychiatrist founder of Internet Mental Health.



This was super helpful; I never bought into the claims of replacing meds but I am very interested in the answers you posted about nutrients that help; thank you so much!


I haven’t heard of them. I read that N-acetyl Cysteine is supposed to help. We’ve been trying that as a supplement for about a week. Will let you know the results. My son still takes his regular medication though, in fact, just got on a new one. Praying the combination lessens or stops the voices completely.