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Natural Supplements that Help Tremendously

If you go to the regular website you will see many supplements and types of alternative treatments mentioned on one of their pages.
To save you some time here they are as listed on this parent site of this family support section of them.

Complementary Schizophrenia Treatments
* Vitamins and supplements that seem to help people who have Schizophrenia

As I researched the above supplements I gave my daughter a few of them every day and noticed a huge improvement in her cognition. Especially from flax seed oil, b complex and sarcosine. Adding a good amount of daily protein helped too. I did extra research and found government support studies for homeopathic remedies and I found a doctor that specialized in schizophrenia. He was able to tell me a specific remedy for her and by the grace of all that is Holy, he picked the perfect remedy. She is no longer taking anything at all, as homeopathics can cure some people. Look for Dr. K.S. Gopi on linkedin who teaches and practices from India, he is the best there is.

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I gave my son the homeopathic pills that dr Gopi prescribed for him but the only problem is that my son did not take them regularly and has stopped taking them all together now as he believes they are not good for him . Some days he feels they are good and other days not . Hard one ! i wish he would take them and other vitamins but his mood is different every day just like with his food .

Dr Daniel Lodge has developed a stem cell treatment that so far works perfectly on lab animals and there are plans in the near or distant future for the solution to eventually be available to patients. Maybe in 10-20 years. There is so much promise in stem cell therapy and the link above is for those that want to see different sites of this wonderful doctor and his work in the realm of schizophrenia and highly respected in the orthodox medicine, meaning that he is not a naturopathic doctor.
It raises a thought that taking supplements can increase personal stem cell production could be of great value and we found this to be very helpful.

Once his work is ready it will not be available directly from him but through your own town doctor. He is a researcher. get tested and make sure you get a good GP who can help with the blood clot issues and a good psyc that know with the hell he is doing

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Omega-3 fatty acids may prevent the development of full-blown schizophrenia in people who are at high risk of the disease, new research suggests.

What’s more, omega-3s seemed to prevent the study participants from developing psychosis for several years after people stopped taking them, according to the study.