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Has anyone tried Fluxetine( prozac) and risperidone combination?

My husband was hospitalized for 3 weeks and before he left hospital , they gave him long term injection of risperidone and send him home with 6 mg risperidone daily taken 3 mg in morning and 3 mg at night and 40 mg fluxetine. He is not hearing voices and symptoms of schitzophrenia have gone away. But he doesnt even talk anymore…he cannot talk like he used to, like it takes him a while to respond and only responds yes or no or i dont know . he has no opinion or preferences. I read that fluxetine inhibits metabolism of risperidone so it increases the levels in plasma. ?? Has anyone had experiance with this??? I feel like maybe his levels are too high…but i dont know …we have not been able to see doctor due to covid 19 … Please help ? Has anyone know someone that been on all this meds ???

Maybe you can do telemedicine or a video appointment with a doctor or nurse to discuss the symptoms?

I was on that combination

They are both good drugs

It’s unlikely that it is the meds making him like this, it sounds like residual symptoms
And for that the cure is time, most importantly time on the medication and staying on them basically for life… I changed meds again but it was because I was not living a healthy life putting far too much stress in my which then led to 9 months in hospital and stronger meds were needed for me

I still take fluoxetine
Recovery is so slow

Each person is different. And it takes time for medications to get to their full efficacy. (You can Google and find legitimate medical sites or the drug sites themselves that give dosage ranges and efficacy information.) Give your observations to his doctor.

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