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Has anyone tried hormone therapy to reduce the negative symptoms of schizophrenia?

Is there anyone that has used hormone therapy to reduce the negative symptoms of schizophrenia? I did what was called a Dutch Complete test and it measures your hormone levels and cortisol. It is the best test you can do. It is a urine test. All my hormones came back very low. So I am going to do some hormone therapy and see what it does to my negative symptoms and report back here with the results. It will take a while to get results.

Yes please do , would be interesting to know .

My son has schizophrenia. He can’t even have a normal conversation. Usually it’s The parents, spouses, or loved ones on here. It’s very unusual to have someone that actually has the schizophrenia talking. How are you able to function and pretty much live a normal life with schizophrenia? I am very interested in Learning how you’re functioning so normally. My son went from normal to crazy and very unpredictable like a snap on the fingers. I want to applaud you for being on this forum. I would love to hear more from you and about you.I would like to learn how you’re functioning so normal. I would like to take what I learn from this and try to help my son.