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Hormones and Schitzotypal

So here is a quick question that I haven’t seen addressed but although maybe I missed it. How do hormones effect schitzotypal and the spectrum behaviors in men? I am noticing patterns in reactivity. It seems the end of the month is the worst for him.

I don’t know for definite the answer to your question, but I have looked into this briefly in the past, mainly looking for answers. But as I’m sure you already know schizophrenia can start when children are going into puberty which obviously involves hormones. Hormones are Chemicals which affect our mood amongst other things, problems with our mood can cause stress and anxiety. When we are stressed and anxious it triggers the adrenal gland situated in the stomach to produce adrenalin. Short term adrenalin isn’t a problem, but it can get to the stage where anxiety feeds the adrenalin and the adrenalin feeds the anxiety. This is when adrenalin become a problem, when it then causes glands in the brain to react and produce chemicals to excess, this in turn causes the imbalance of chemicals in the brain fluid which amongst other things triggers psychotic symptoms. I think hormones can play a huge part in causing psychotic symptoms. More so when I once got speaking to a female patient at the psych unit, who was admitted with psychosis, she had a past history of severe post natal depression. Test revealed she was going through the menopause which is hormone related, and this was what caused her psychosis. I have briefly heard that males can go through similar to females with monthly hormone changes, but I’m not over knowledgeable in this area. When reading your question it also brought another thought to mind, regarding monthly patterns. Is your son being treated with antipsychotics by injections? I have heard that the affects of the injections start to wear off, when it gets closer to the next one. Which would also create a cycle.

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