Have you heard the term residual Schizophrenia?

Residual Schizophrenia

When the symptoms of schizophrenia have lost their severity - that’s residual schizophrenia. There may still be feelings of paranoia, hallucinations, and “hearing things,” but they far less in intensity than when the person was first diagnosed. With treatment, some people are able to live a more normal life.
Just wondering how many have heard this term?

Its a good term for after prodromal and active stages but before remission and recovery.

I haven’t heard this term either, but despite some glitch days everything does feel much less intense then it used to.

Nice term.

This gives hope to people with illness and their family members. I just want people to know there is hope. If one has family support, structure, stability, mainly income or help to live life without have to worry about day to day needs. Housing, food and other necessities are somehow provided or one is able to work and have a full or a part time job, things are possible. Sending positive thoughts to all.

I think my son, if marijuana free, would fit residual over paranoid.

The DSM-5 got rid of this type of SZ along with the rest because of their “limited diagnostic stability, low reliability, and poor validity,” according to the APA.

@Skims , My friend who is a Psych.nurse said that they still use this term. Also the Psychiatrist my son sees currently said the same. I don’t think they can get rid of terms that easily. It exists every where. Also it’s like they want to change the name for Schizophrenia for a while but so far nothing happened. Either way no can predict this cruel brain illness and so far they haven’t found a cure. Good luck my friend.

Sounds like something that might describe someone whose ‘baseline’ still includes some psychosis. I have come to really dislike the question ’ “What’s his baseline?” as if once he has reached a certain level of coherency, there is nothing more to expect.

I’ve heard residual schizophrenia too. Schizophrenia is such a complex illness, presenting so diversely in different people that diagnostic criteria, deciding what clinical remission is - very difficult. Subtypes of schizophrenia which are correlated to poorer outcomes may have a increased stigmatizing and discriminatory effect and so really need to be avoided, so I’m glad about the changes in the DSM 5. I think the more neurological research we do the better we will understand which specific brain structures and neuropathways are involved the better interventions we’ll have-so I have a lot of hope for the future.

I also think that right now, with the right interventions many with sz can live satisfying lives. With my daughter, I see her struggle with certain things, and I think “she can’t do X Y Z”-that is until I ask her to do something I didn’t think she could do and she surprises me. This is my own prejudice. SZ is a diagnosis based off certain symptoms-but everyone is an individual and you never know what the illness mean to the individual until you try and push them past what you think their limitations may be. Lack of insight may actually be helpful for once, because they often think they can do things you don’t think they can do. Sometimes they’ll fail-but when they don’t it’s a victory worth witnessing!

You are so right about the family support and financial.
I really believe that`s why my son was doing so poorly over the years. Just the extra money my sis was sending helped us so much. A good case manager is worth their weight in gold!

I’m either residual or in remission I don’t know

Likewise man. I’m completely sane with residual symptoms. It fucking sucks no more drugs for me.

I hear ya man. From what I learned I need to stay far away from drugs and alcohol for life if I want to remain getting well. And also continuing to think rational and use logic