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Healthy Place - Self-Harm and the Semicolon Project: Your Story is Not Over Yet


by Jennifer Aline Graham

During one of my nightly adventures on Pinterest, I came across a tattoo that instantly grabbed my attention. Being a writer, and someone who has some tattoos, the semicolon on this person’s wrist made me want to seek out more information about it. As I looked further into the reason behind it, I came across the Semicolon Project that had been started in April of last year.

The Semicolon Project was created for those who were going through struggles with self-harm, depression and suicide who could have stopped moving forward, but didn’t.

The reason the semicolon was used as the symbol of the movement was because in a sentence, it is the punctuation mark that separates two different ideas. A period can replace a semicolon, but people use a semicolon because they do not want to end that thought.

Therefore this represents what the Semicolon Project strives for: not stopping when you can keep moving on.