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Help and Hope for Recovery -CURESZ Foundation

I recently learned of this organization…Heard the founder speak about advocacy work to reclassify schizophrenia as a medical, not mental, illness. And heard her tell a bit about her own journey living with schizophrenia, including living in a church yard every night for a year and how she eventually got help and is in recovery.


That’s good to hear–the work toward reclassification. “Mental illness” is so fraught with stigma, and so demeaning. SZ is, pure and simple, a brain disorder–i.e., a medical, not mental, illness. Thank you, hope4us, for alerting us to this foundation and its work.


Oh I like this site, there are several good videos worth watching. The one I saw was on long acting injections and the psychiatrist said 80-90% of those with schizophrenia also have anosognosia. I plan to watch the rest of the videos.

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