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Help for my violent SZ son

My son is in prison. He is 23 years old. He attacked a man with a knife in 2016. The man survived, thankfully. My son will be released in March of 2021. He does not accept that he is mentally ill. He has stayed out of trouble in prison, as far as I know, but he is also unmedicated and not being seen by the prison psychiatrist (because he refuses to see her).
He thinks he will be able to live with me when he is released, but I am afraid of him, and my husband won’t let him live with us. He needs to be in the care of a nice facility, where he won’t be treated like a sick criminal, and where people can help him. Unfortunately, I cannot find a facility that will take him with his history of violent behavior. What should I do? These places only want to help those who are EASY to help. We are very fortunate to have the means to be able to afford a nicer facility, but do any of them accept someone post-prison? If we find one somewhere in the US, our lawyer says we can probably get a court to agree for him to leave the state.

That is your best bet or move yourself…